There is a famous saying by a popular poet named as Robert Browning, “It was roses, roses all the way.”

Well, roses are the most demanded and most admired flowers in the world. The history of roses is very long and bright. As per the fossil clues and evidences, they are approximately 35 million years old. In the present time, there are a number of species of roses. It can be said that this flowers have one of the most complex family trees.

The actual cultivation of roses began over 5000 years ago. Since the ancient times, they have been woven in the beads of multiple stories and tales. They are the symbol of love and care. As per the Greek mythology, rose got its name from Aphrodite. Chloris, who is the goddess of flowers actually created this plant. The story is too long to be depicted here, so I will leave it to another article.

Rose is actually a perennial flower type or shrub or you can say a vine of the genus known as Rosa. This flower belongs to the family of Rosaceae which contains about 100 different species and are also cultivated in variety of colors and shades.

Meanings of Different Colored Roses

Red Roses: It gives the message that “I love you.” they are the symbol of extreme love, romance and passion. The demand for these flowers increases during the Valentine’s Day.

Light Pink Roses: The roses in pink color express whimsy, happiness and a perfect sense of fun. They depict gladness and humor.

Pale Pink Roses: They signify the feeling of joy, gentleness, softness, and grace in an individual.

Lilac Roses: When a boy gives a lilac rose to a girl, this means that he has fallen in love with her at first sight.

Peach Roses: The roses in peach color states sympathy, modesty, appreciation and gratitude.

White Roses: White is the sign of innocence and truth. These flowers also symbolize the messages like, “You are heavenly” and “I miss you”. 

Yellow Roses: Of course, the meaning of yellow colored roses is well known like the red roses. They indicate freedom and friendship.

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