Statistics and reports show that rhinoplasty is safe and successful but it is also known that several complications can arise to the patients. When rhinoplasty Los Angeles doctors are carrying out their procedures, they ensure that all things are done perfectly and carefully. This is because they want to help the patients realise their dreams of great appearance through surgery. It is not right to say that this process is fully successful to all individuals or patients because on some occasions, the procedure may not work out for someone as they hoped it would. This is a situation that most of the rhinoplasty Los Angeles specialists are trying to resolve to ensure that no single case of irregularity results from the operation or surgery.
When a patient comes from an operation, they may receive some post operative bleeding but this should not scare them because it can get resolved without someone having to take treatment. It is also reported by Rhinoplasty Los Angeles doctors that infection is rare due to the high level of attention given to the patient during the procedure. Nasal obstruction to breathing sometimes appears because of adhesions. Adhesions are the scars that appear to bridge across the naval cavity from the septum to the turbinates of an individual. These cases are also rare in the process of surgery and recovery. A hole may sometimes appear in the septum at the time of surgery and cause the patient to have difficulty in breathing, whistling with breathing as well as nose bleeding but all these are avoided by the rhinoplasty Los Angeles doctors during the procedure.
A Polly beak deformity can also arise if the overlying nasal skin has a little shape as a result of too much of the cartilage being removed during the procedure. This becomes another issue to the patient and may create discomfort and the Rhinoplasty Los Angeles specialists need to be cautious with this condition. There are cases where the septum is not given support and this causes the bridge of the nose to sink which then results in a saddle nose deformity. A pig like look can also be created at times when the nose tip is over rotated and the nostrils of the patient get too visible. During open approach rhinoplasty, a variable numbness degree to the nose can be created as a result of incisions made and this may take someone a few months to settle or resolve.
When the procedure doesnt go right the patient may decide to correct it. There is primary and secondary rhinoplasty. Primary rhinoplasty is that firstime surgery or operation that is performed whether for functional, reconstructive or aesthetic reasons. Secondary rhinoplasty is the nasal operation that doctors use to correct the result that seemed unsatisfactory to a patient. Statistics show that of all the rhinoplasty procedures made, 5 to 20 percent result as unsatisfactory to the patients. This causes patients to seek for correction of the cosmetic deformity of their nose. Some patients become unsatisfied with part of the procedure whereas others with the entire procedure of nose reshaping and they are all catered for in one way or the other.
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