The secret recipe behind running a successful restaurant depends not only on its location or the quality of food, but also depends upon the quality of the restaurant equipment. Restaurant equipments should be effective, long lasting and affordable. Parts Town, Chicago, which distributes restaurant equipment parts to independent and chain restaurants, is recently recognized by the Inc. Magazine as the top-ranked company in restaurant equipment distribution. It is also recognized as the number one company for distributing original OEM parts.

Commercial restaurant equipment is available in various sizes and designs. You can pick your equipments according to the space available in the kitchen. However, it is not good to overstuff the kitchen with a lot of heavy equipments. Smaller working space will create discomfort for the cooks and thus may affect the quality of the food.

Due to global warming and recession, people are cutting their costs on many utility items. People, who are concerned about the environment, are opting for green restaurants instead. You can also convert your regular restaurant to a “green” one. The basic equipments for a green restaurant are- hot food holding cabinets, fryers, dishwashers, cookers and refrigerators. These 5 categories of restaurant equipment are Energy Star-certified and can save you over 40% of your regular energy costs.

Some basic restaurant equipment includes the following:

Cooking equipments: The restaurant should have adequate cooking equipments like burners, stoves, food lamps, and so on. All the items should be durable and must follow the heath standards as specified by the health department of the respective states.
Dishwashing equipments: A successfully run restaurant should be equipped with proper dishwashing facilities as well, to keep the tools for preparing food clean and hence safe for use.
Freezing equipments: A good restaurant should have a separate refrigeration unit to keep the foods in unspoiled condition for longer period of time. Generally, size of the restaurant freezers depends on the availability of the free-space inside the kitchen area.
Pots and pans: A properly and successfully run restaurant should have an adequate supply of pots and pans. This category includes items like stockpots, baking pans, saute-pans, knives, spoons, ladles, bowls, and so on.

Adequate and proper restaurant equipment contributes to the success of the restaurant business. Though you can use old equipments, it is better to use new ones. is your online source for widest selection of restaurant equipment supplies.