Managers and business owners are far too busy in this frantic world with unimportant things. Oftentimes, their days go past just like a blur, without even one second for reflection. We allow all our workers time off for lunch and tea to rest their limbs. Why do we not allow our busy minds time off as well? An experienced business coach helps clients make time for quiet reflection on the basis that this will increase their profit too.

Many people often tell me that they are far too busy to take time off when I suggest they take short breaks. They say that they simply cannot afford the time (or so they think) to take a relaxing walk while enjoying a healthy lunchtime snack. Instead, they spend every minute of every day at their desks, sometimes flying into frustrated rages, sometimes making wrong decisions, and sometimes even overlooking business opportunities too.

A skilled Business Coach knows that this is a very inefficient use of brainpower. Business owners and managers should think, not do substantive work. All great successful people will reply when asked that their best ideas came in moments of quiet contemplation. Psychologists believe that thought is a process whereby individual brain cells connect. This electronic sequence relies on our bodies for physical support. When these physical processes tire, our mental prowess deteriorates too.

This is one reason why we need to rest our brains as much as we need to rest the other parts of our bodies. Largely this happens when we sleep. Our brains also need pauses in the middle of a busy day as well – this is why I take my lunchtimes walking in the fresh air. Something else also happens during these meditative restful moments. Our brains have idle time to create fresh thoughts, and we have time to listen to these too. As business manager or owner, can you afford not to take time to profit from quiet contemplation?

A business coach will map time out for quiet reflection in a clients busy schedule and help ensure that this takes place. He or she will also act as a sounding board for their clients own fresh ideas, and a mirror in which they can see their true selves unfolding. Why not visit the website and learn more about how quiet reflection could increase your business profit too.

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