eBay is a powerful online business platform to make more money. Not all the eBay sellers succeed; only very few rise to the top. eBay Virtual Assistants share some proven tips to help you make more money on eBay.

Follow these 5 simple tips to increase your sales and income:

Money Making Tip 1. Choose The Best Day To End Your Ebay Auction:

Sunday is the best day to end your auctions. The reason is almost everyone will be at home bidding on eBay. With this strategy, you can make more money online. Friday is a likely to be poor day to end an ebay auction, because your bidders at work are busy with work to complete the weekly job tasks. Similarly, Monday is not a day to start an auction, because workers will be in startup mode at the office, with tasks and meetings. One more strategy that successful eBay sellers follow is holding their auctions for longer time frames.

Money Making Tip 2. Start With Low Bidding Cost:

eBay Professional Virtual Assistants suggest that buyers won’t pay more attention to shipping costs when placing bids on items with low starting price. It has been proven that item with low starting cost with high shipping charge are being sold more than the items that are priced with average charge and no shipping cost. What draws your customers is low opening bid. So set your opening bid low to win your sale.

Money Making Tip 3. Pricing Strategies Can Make Or Break A Sale:

Keep on researching products that are similar to yours and offer them with some discount and make sure that you highlight it in your title description. For e.g.: “Sturdy Jeans now at 190”. Encourage your customers by offering a low introductory price, discount or free shipping. Excite your customers by offering free bonus, coupons, gift boxes or special premium offers.
If you are selling inexpensive items, offer your customers a group or collection of them, one of each color, or a set of three. You might have less profit on each item, but you’ll make it up with the extra volume. The goal is to make more money from each sale online.

Fewer than half of all eBay listings will sell the first time they are listed, even for experienced sellers. You can take advantage of eBay’s easy relisting option. Otherwise you may rotate your items and then relist the unsold items later. Professional virtual assistants at OBVA are experienced in Online Market Research , who would help you in finding the hot selling products in online market or fixing the competitive price for your product to explode the sales volume.

Money Making Tip 4. Choose Best Item Title And Description:

Writing effective title and description would excite your customers to pay more attention to your products. This is the most important way of advertising your item, which in turn helps you in gaining more profit. You can delegate this task to well trained ebay virtual assistants who are skillful in creating effective item titles and descriptions to add traffic to your business.
Post testimonials and endorsements from your customers, with their permission. eBay uses the feedback system for customer comments, but not every bidder will take the time to read it.

Money Making Tip 5. Here Are Some Products That Help You In Making More Money On Ebay:

Digital Cameras & Photo
eBay motors
Consumer Electronics
Computers & Networking
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
DVDs & CD’s
Sporting Goods
Home & Garden
Collectibles Toys & Hobbies
Jewelry & Watches
Mobile Phones and accessories
Printers, MP3 players and accessories.
E-books regarding health and beauty, career and personality development, money making and saving, being happier etc..

These are some proven tips in making more money on eBay. Follow these steps and enjoy making money!

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