Google is the one of the leading pioneer search engines, according to which websites are designed and programmed so that they can be seen in first page of Google’s search engine results. Some things on a website are loved by Google, it means if those tips are followed you can rank higher in this search engine’s results. Also the chances of getting on top in other search engines increases. These things are although small¬† in nature but can affect the overall ranking system.

-Keep your activity level high on internet. Start doing tweeting to keep the real time activity going on. On twitter you can share articles, topics or keywords from present moment, so you can plan for them. Google measure your online creditability on the basis of re-tweets that you get and communications with fellow tweeters, therefore this process should be done in a promotional manner.

-You mail account is something that Google likes to read, for that creating a Gmail account is a bright idea and using it actively for business purposes does the trick.

-As Google promotional activity do not ignore the importance of posting videos online. Popular video sites like YouTube, Ustream ,etc are some good sites to post the videos. In case you are into self hosting or third party hosting, then post in those videos by copying them to the main video websites to get popularity.

-Google prefer websites that have installed Google Analytics and possess a webmaster account that is well maintained.

-You can also get a Google places account. Coupons are also liked by this search engine which adds more value to the searchers. Put in map of your location on your website, as this is highly preferred by Google.

-Websites that have faster loading pages are liked by Google. So take every step possible to ensure this thing. You can reduce the size of images, reduce number of pictures, cut short the flash, clear up the code and so on.

-Try to put in maximum number of good links to your websites. To start with good online directories are good option. Get back links to your websites from reputable websites which can add up to your higher ranking chances.

-Google also keeps track of number of visitors a website gets, their stay time on the site and number of pages seen by them. So try to keep your website high on web traffic.

Those were few things you can do to keep your website high in Google’s preference list. A professional web design and development company can be consulted to get deeper information about it.

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