For many years we have been promoting the use of telemarketing. This system of communication with the market has always been in our opinion an excellent way of increasing sales and cost. The telemarketing is of particular value to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Despite popular belief, the telemarketers used the Bell Telephone Company, to promote the sale of extensions, call centers since 1900, immediately after Alexander G. Bell introduced the first phone. The Bell (later AT & T), Cable & Wireless, ITT feedback from subscribers, a comprehensive database to telemarketers, one to one marketing and loyalty marketing, 100 years before they talk about it. Private companies are the first phone to use and take advantage of this powerful communication tool that is the telemarketing sales. By 1930, he published a first book of telemarketers that are laying the foundations of this discipline. By the year 1950 is General Motors which successfully uses telemarketing to promote their new models of cars in the U.S.

The arrival of U.K. Telemarketing Companies to the area, in the form of franchising and distribution, has been popularizing the telemarketers.

To the extent that local business practices in a scientific and systematic telemarketing, using the right tools not only help make their operations more productive for sale, but will strengthen the economies of our countries, generating more jobs and increasing the exports.

Some powerful Telemarketing Companies which increase the productivity of those engaged in this activity, have been developed by Tena Computing, a company dedicated to the development and distribution program for call centers. The company was founded in 1988 in Mexico City, three brothers, automated telemarketing calls and the second is software dedicated exclusively to quality control for call centers.

DJ Marketing comes in different flavors to serve individuals, small and medium enterprises and large corporations. Ranges from which it can be used on a PC local area networks.

This software, in Castilian language, allows knowing at all times the activities and productivity of the calls made or received by the staff of telemarketers. Including the volume of calls per campaign, per operator, time of each call, total calls in or out, the result of the calls, client contact etc…

Regarding the type of call, the system records the DJ Marketing questions and answers for each customer contact manner, thanks to its exclusive management of intelligent scripts. These scripts enable intelligent inclusion of images and sounds, which gives statistical reports and graphs online.

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