With the economic development and changes in market demand, and gradually to heavy-duty heavy truck, high-power development has become a trend. States truck manufacturers will be heavy-duty trucks, Engine High technology and high-tech equipment as a product of research and development focus.

In the United States, 4 to 5 trucks Pin Total truck sales accounted for less than 1 / 5; and 6 to 7 trucks, sales of the total sales of 1 / 3; 8 sales of these products accounted for sales of the total 1 / 2. Sell products from the market structure point of view, the higher the level of the product, the greater sales volume, and gradually the dominant position.

Look at Japan, the country’s heavy truck product standards limit the total mass of the past limited to 26 tons or less, which is Europe, the United States designated the largest heavy truck standards are quite different. In order to integrate with the European heavy truck standards, the Japanese plan to amend the standard, the standard heavy truck tonnage increased to 40 tons and engine power output increased from 257kW to 368kW. According to the new revised standards, the Japanese truck manufacturer is developing a number of large trucks, such as Hino launched a “super dolphins” and developed by Nissan, “thumb” heavy card. In the next 10 years, the Japanese truck’s maximum power to reach 735kW, the total mass of cars will reach 100 tons. Diesel [Review Photo Forum] machines will also use more advanced fuel injection system, new catalytic particles Filter So as to meet future more stringent environmental regulations.

Related information: from the global market perspective, the future development of heavy truck market, rely mainly on more than 16 tons truck sales continue to increase. Especially in North America, EU special geographical environment, the main form of trade between countries is the CMR. As Europe and the United States and other countries of the engine development and production technology has matured, some parts of this package more mature industry, so to some extent, development and production of high-power engines have become the industry trends. Currently, high-powered container-style trucking has become the development direction of road transport.

With developed countries, in heavy truck development process, China also appeared heavy tendency, which is the engine manufacturers made new demands. At present, the major heavy truck engine manufacturers have introduced high-power products, such as Yuchai The YC6L, YC6M series, Weichai the WD615, WD12, WP12 series, the wood of SC9DF series, XiChai the CA6DL, CA6DM, CA6DN series, Dongfeng Cummins C Series, Shanghai Hino P11C and J08C series are all inline 6-cylinder water-cooled, turbocharged, intercooled, emission standards to the country Diesel engine And assembling high-pressure common rail fuel injection system or Delphi Electronic Unit Pumps.

Worth noting that the beginning of this century, FAW after 5 years of careful temper, developed with the liberation of the three generations of heavy truck J6, 2250 and 2490 were divided into two series, covering 8 to 24 tons full range of products Coverage 130 ~ 460 hp power. The 2490 series is a self-developed core power, with international standards 6DN, 6DM, 6DL engine, power covering 280 ~ 460 hp. Assembling its own brand heavy truck engine advent of high-end, marking the country’s independence in the vehicle and engine development level have risen to a new level.

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