Many people have good or bad effect on your life. You get a lot of things from them such as lifestyle, experience, behaviour and so on. You may miss a lot it you have never had someone  who  is great example to give you advice, experience to improve your life. The person is surrounding you and it is time for you to search him.


These people can be located at work, on the Internet, within your family and even at your place of worship. They’re usually not hard to find and once you find one, you need to start acting like a sponge and your going to start absorbing the water of wisdom.


I have been fortunate to have great examples, my entire life. My father was one of the best examples, any son could have ever asked for. He might not have been the world’s best father, but he was the best father in the world to me. His honesty alone, was one of the best examples that a young man could have, while turning into a man.


People often ask me who are the people who inspired me. I worked in the construction industry for quite some time and I know that you’re going to find this hard to believe, but I learned quite a bit from the good and the bad examples in this business. One of the best friends that anyone could have ever hoped for, was one of the people that I met, when I was 16 years old and he influenced my life, more than any person, including my father.


Mentors can be found anywhere and I would suggest that you start looking for them. I have found great mentors, through reading books and watching educational movies. I would recommend, Wayne Dyer, Don Miguel Ruiz, Arnold Patent, Jack Canfield, and The Bhagavad-Gita.


Finding people who can be great examples in your life, can change your life and for any other reason than that, you should seek their knowledge.


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