Most parents send their boys and girls to Military School because they feel it will install discipline in them. Some are sent to these types of schools simply because parents don’t trust public schools and want to give their children an edge over other kids so they can stay on track and grow up, go to a good college and eventually settle into a stable career. Others send their children to Military Schools because they are not adapting to public schools. Maybe they are doing drugs, ditching school, can’t get along with authority figures like teachers, fighting, ADD, ADHD, are becoming academic failures and not keeping up with the other kids and the list goes on.

These parent’s think by putting them in a more socially regimented environment that their grades will improve and they will learn a lot more. 25 years ago discipline was very well managed in schools and at home. But what has happened over the last 15 years or so and why does discipline overall seem less important within the schools and home? Is it the internet or fancy mobile devices like the iphone, ipod making things to easy for all of us and spoiling everyone? The purpose of discipline is to preserve order and is guided by a set of rules. When these rules are obeyed order is maintained, and when they aren’t chaos can occur. These rules are also in place so we can all function as positive members of society and provide value to society and the marketplace.

The problem is that a lot of kids are misguided by their parents. For example if a child has a mother and father who just finished high school both with struggling jobs, how are they going to relay to their children how important it is to finish their college education. Children trust their parents and tend to look at them as their primary role models. Chances are unless the child has a special talent or drive they will be stuck in the same position 30 years from now that their parents are stuck in now. If their parents aren’t constantly drilling college into their kids brains in high school, they only place they will hear about it is on TV or from a few friends if they have any friends that plan on attending college after high school.

One alternative to breaking this cycle is sending your children to Military School, but this may not be necessary. It is possible for parents with just a high school education to support their children through college. But in order to do this as parents you need to get involved. By this I mean going to the school yourself and doing research. Find out every class your child will need to get their degree. Make an agreement with your child on their senior year in high school what they will major in.

Let your child live with you until they finish college, going to school full time and working full time is practically impossible. You can send them to Junior College their first 2 years and if you aren’t economically able to afford state college, they can take out loans for their last 2 years. Once they get a decent job after graduating they can pay their student loans off in 1-2 years.

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