The optimum operation of optimism is the best way to achieve success. If you are not operating with optimism, you had better find ways that will permit it. Operating without optimism has the disadvantage of squelching creative juices. You must be free to think outside the box for optimum operation. This is difficult to do when enthusiasm is below warp speed.

Thoughts of difficulty to overcome obstacles can put the brakes on vision. You must to be free to dream to create new concepts. When doubt creeps in, creativity often comes to a screeching halt. Wait until calamities have hit bottom and it appears that the worst has passed. When the pressure is off, your thinking will become clear. 

Working with the same old thing has its advantages. It permits perfecting present concepts, making them more efficient, and obtaining the most you can get from them. We are creatures of habit and routine, and we love operating in our comfort level. The time comes, however, when we have used up all our fresh ideas, and the whole thing becomes stagnant.

Coming out of your comfort level can be scary. Unfamiliar territory is difficult to navigate. Things are no longer second nature. Automatic pilot is out of the question. Thinking of different ways of doing things is painful. If you never have the courage to come out of your rut, you will never grow. You will eventually become comfortable with your new environment, however, so hang in there. 

Give yourself permission to dream while you are still in your comfort level. Learn about what interests you and make plans for an easy transition into new territory. Make sure goals are solid and doubts are dismissed. When you have everything in place, start implementing your ideas. Let the knowledge that you have outgrown your present position, propel you into a new one.

It is difficult to think outside of the box when you are in the box. You must begin to explore new premises while you are still in your comfort level, however, to lay the groundwork for stepping outside. You have to begin looking at things from different perspectives to find structures that enable building new systems. You have to get out of your rut and breath fresh air to coax ingenuity from your subconscious mind.

The optimum operation of optimism comes from a spark of a fresh idea that sets your enthusiasm wild. The thought of the possibilities drives you to think of ways to implement them. You are now fully out of your rut and on the cloud created by your dream. You drift effortlessly collecting exciting ideas. Then you have to come down to earth, and shift from right to left brain thinking to sort out practicality.

To better yourself, you must be determined to end less than optimum operations, and be inspired by thoughts of operating optimistically. It takes guts to gain glory. You must choose between stagnation and launching into the deep. Improvements in your life will not take place as long as you are content with what is. 

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