S60v3 input method was finally introduced, is now in beta test phase, individuals that own input method easy to use than many, especially if this sentence input, memory functions and features from the coinage. Now we IT168 Nokia Mobile Forum users to share the use of his experience. Welcome to the Nokia Professional Mobile Exchange area to discuss and exchange.

Pictured: Nokia N73 mobile phone Introduce the personal use of the following tips.

A software installation First SIS file needs to self-signed, I use SymbianS60 third edition of the signature expert, very convenient. After extracting the downloaded file there are two procedures, which ZTA4_S60.3rd_v1.1.012_Small.sis input method window corresponding to the smaller font for N73 such a low resolution models; ZTA4_S60.3rd_v1.1.012_Big.sis corresponding The input method window larger font size for N80, as the higher resolution models. Make sure the two can only choose one to install, can not be installed. Also, I installed a closed beta version before the A4 input method is required before installing the public beta version of the original completely uninstall, the uninstall prior to switch back to the system comes with input method, and then into the “process management”, will ZTA4 and Switch 2 programs are uninstalled, and then restart the phone. When installing software is loaded into phone memory by default, remember not to install the card, I had no choice when the installation where this is stored in the step will be installed directly to the phone memory. After successful installation restart the phone, you can use. Here A4 input method in the N73’s interface.

Second, input the advantages 1, before the private beta can not be self-starting, each boot must manually open the A4 input method, which was very convenient, this version is from the start, without any problems.

2, you can set the default input method for the stroke, I have been accustomed to strokes, is to enter text using the A4 when the long-press the # key or short press pen key, go to “Settings”, change the default input method the strokes can be.

3, using the keyboard for selecting characters, do not need to re-use joystick, and therefore do not have to worry about the life of rocker problem, huh, huh! Is to lay the strokes, press the * key words into the area, then directly press the corresponding number key to select words, if this page is not the word you need to press the * key to press next page.

4, a unique mix of input methods, in the Chinese mode, press 0, enter the temporary English state, fast input in English, numbers, press the joystick in the English mode, the input current among the English in the case conversion.

5, can enter the phrase, this is my favorite, before that with 6233, it is the input phrase is convenient, after 73 can not enter the phrase I typing speed greatly reduced, there is now A4 solved. The specific method is: Jianpin input can be a key input segmentation of character ‘. Such as: transportation, “we”, just type “w’m”. In some cases, may also be mixed Jianpin or full Jianpin way input. Such as: transportation, “ha ha”, simply type “HH”; Jane essential for pen input segmentation of 7 key symbol ‘, including the last, after a. Such as: transportation, “not”, just type “?’|'”

6, memory and features a very convenient since the coinage, A4 own coinage function and use of the word frequency of memory function, similar to the purple input, very useful.

7, thesaurus can be backed up, very useful for Brush.

3, to be desired 1, not in the S60 comes with Notepad and use the address book, a little disappointed.

2, can not be used in the JAVA program, such as QQ2007, but N73 official website to download QQ in SIS format is used, no problem.

3, under the theme in some of the background display problem, but not significant.

In summary, A4 input method is very useful and strongly recommend you download experience.

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