It is basically a storage process designed for the storage of data that are multidimensional in nature. It is very user friendly software in the sense that it supports the accessing of huge amounts of data at a time and their arrangement in a systematic process. It also makes arrangement for the pre summarization of the data that are stored. This pre summarized data is extracted from a large amount of data at an instant and will have all the details of the information attached to it. This quality is a great help in the case of the administrators as this quality is extremely essential in analyzing the problems and taking responsible decision. This will help to make the decision even more precise because instead of the gut feeling and the intuition the assistance that will be taken will be based on facts and figures.

Large institutions will naturally require accessibility to a large amount of the information and analysis of all the decision is very essential for the future use as these decisions and the track record will help the would be administrators to take decision. In short the O L A P software serves all these purpose and the server that supports the O L A P software is known as OLAP server.

This server is a very customized and used friendly one, which means that the user of this server may use it according to his own needs and necessity. Not only will it maintain a track record it will also look after the fact that all the complex data that the user is unable to analyze is customized by this server.

This OLAP server for its qualities is becoming popular day by day and is even used in maintaining and supporting as well as developing the work force of the nation. More detailed information can be gathered about this server from the internet.

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