Network With the fast development of new technology also brings more Network Security Problem. Currently, network viruses and attacks from a new internal network security threats, how to effectively defend against attacks from the network will be a lot of network security personnel need to seriously think about.

  Education In recent years the industry has become, more and more attention to one of the industries Campus Network Contact-building has also been walking in front of network development for the education industry IT Investment also showed a rising trend year by year, the Education Reform Network based network is currently in the construction and improvement phase. Over time, from the Education Network security threats are more and more hackers, network viruses, Distributed Denial of attack causes the network traffic within 80% of exports to non-normal flow, whereas the normal user’s access can not be guaranteed. These network security risk to the entire campus is often caused by a heavy blow.

O2Micro company for the appeal, the paper offers a complete solution that helps education customers better network protection.

Here are optimized network structure of a Department of Education, we will address this specific case to illustrate how to prevent attacks from within.

Case: A Bureau of Education and the area by more than 70 schools in China Telecommunications Formation provided by MPLS VPN, all network traffic through the primary and secondary Education, the center of room to visit Internet. Education Centre in the room connected to the MPLS network links the telecommunications deploy a Firewall To prevent from the Education Network (MPLS network) within the attack.

Over time, the network appears in some of the network security issues, seriously affect the education and research work. For example, although the Bureau of Education Computer Center to deploy a firewall to ensure security of the central room, but can not guarantee that other primary and secondary networks and Education Center Computer Room exports are not subject to internal network attacks.

O2Micro SifoWorks education industry application solutions

O2Micro exit in Education Network Gigabit wire-speed firewall performance deployment O2Micro / VPN device SifoWorksM526, the export of various primary and secondary deployment SifoWorksE600. SifoWorksM526 and SifoWorksE600 is the use of AS IC Chip Set of firewall, VPN, audit functions in a real sense of Gigabit wire-speed devices, respectively 5G and 1.2G throughput, fully able to meet the Bureau of Education and various primary and secondary current and future expansion needs. At the same time, the device can be integrated IDS module can be a single device to provide users with more comprehensive Service .

Users through the firewall strict access control policy, as well as the security engine to work, the force to ensure the security of the entire internal network.

Under specific conditions, respectively, were implemented in all the firewall security policy accordingly, such as:

Hackers launched against DoS / DDoS attacks, Sasser, ip fragmented packet attacks, address spoofing, ip address and mac technical realization of the address binding (with security Management System);

Use of the contents of the firewall O2Micro Filter Technology, on the Telnet, FTP application layer protocols such as command-level filter; on the web content filtering; on the e-mail filtering, etc.;

Use O2Micro firewall integrated IDS module, the network at any time Monitor To prevent and coordination of various attacks against the firewall;

Strict access control policies, such as: the need for open access Server We need a two-tier defense system be strictly limited, and only the necessary ports open on the firewall to prevent too many open ports to the network or intranet from the outside to facilitate the conditions of attacks.

Network management company to use a self-developed SifoView O2Micro network security management platform, SifoVie to Client-Server architecture, through the graphical user interface, centralized management of enterprise in all SifoWorks equipment, policy deployment and performance monitoring . IT staff can also set different according to different roles of management rights for the entire network in a complete division of labor system, were well controlled.

SifoView overcome the traditional VPN / firewall error-prone deployment strategy, providing IT administrators an easy, centralized management capabilities, such as: Safety net Related device configuration, performance monitoring, event correlation system, list VPN tunnel topology, firewall policy unified plan, log and Report Analysis is a good management platform.

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