Fishing is a favorite pastime for many people. What makes it so interesting is the fact that there is always something new to be learned when out at sea. It also engages both the body and the mind thus making it a healthy undertaking. Finding good fishing ground online can be tricky but not when you have information about the Key West Fishing. Key West Fishing is one of the best fishing programs offered online. Run by Key West Captains who know everything there is about fishing, it is comprehensive, offering the best practices in organized fishing charters.

Key West offers different types of fisheries with different fish species. Shark fishing for instance is done on flats and channels where the waters are between 4 and 5 feet deep. Shark fishing is an exclusive type of sports and is done using flat boats and/or light tackle boats. Fly rods are used to catch these fish which can be as heavy as 400 lb. Shark fishing is most fruitful between February and July. Another top species is the bonefish. Although bonefish live in tropical waters – which makes it hard to find them – they usually move to shallow flats so as to feed. At Key West Fishing, they are a main highlight as they can be found here in plenty especially during early fall.

Other types of fish that make it worth trying out Key West fishing are Permit, mostly found between March and July; Sailfish which can be found between January and March; Mangrove Grouper between April and August; Blue Marlin best caught during fall just like the Barracuda and the yellow tail snapper. Other types of fish found at Key West include the tuna (both black fin and yellow fin), tarpon, mutton snapper and the Wahoo among others.

The Atlantic Ocean offshore provides the best Key West fishing outdoors experience. Here, the widest range of fish can be caught. It is easy to make sure that you do not miss the fun in the sports by observing the waters consistently for signs that fish may be on their way up. You can do this by being on the look out for weed lines, color changes in the water, diving birds among other indicators.

Fishing at Key West can also be done in groups whereby you can join any of the groups going on fishing trips in the various locations. One of these is the Sunset Shark and Tarpon Trip which is normally a nighttime outdoor activity. It is one of the most engaging sports given the number of fishing enthusiasts who attend and the hard task it is trying to catch such big animals. Other trips are the Gulf Shrimp Boat Trips which are an early morning outdoors activity and the Gulf of Mexico Towers Charters which takes fishing to the restricted Gulf Coast Towers waters. The famous Gulf of Mexico Wrecks are a sanctuary to many fish and therefore offer the widest range of fish found in any single place.

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