Never give up on being the example of who you desire your children to pattern their lives after. The results of our training are not always visible at first sight, however as we read in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart!”

With promises like the one above, we can live in confidence that what we have instilled in our offspring, will in fact, remain with them when they are grown. It is never too late to settle accounts about those things that we have become enlightened about, after our prior training has been completed.

Take your children aside, even if they have become adults, let them hear you say, there are things you would do differently, or more accurately, things you want them to forgive you for, or understand why you did what you did.

Be a transparent parent, in this way, your children’s children will not suffer at the expense of the lack of training or misguided training you gave to your children. Pass on in Wisdom, the instruction and admonition of the Great Source of all, allowing the blessing of your training to continue through the ages.

God is faithful, He has and will provide the instruction we need to raise our children in the direction that best fits their intended life mission. We need to trust and be sensitive to the spirit of our children, in order to bring about the best and most advantageous route to the accomplishment of this mission.

Being sensitive to the person who is yet to be molded into an adult, is not always the easiest task. When we watch them and see how they handle the issues before them, at times we may wonder if they will ever get it, “right”! Then right before our eyes, they start to show signs of becoming a beautifully, well rounded person, who knows how to share and give without coaching, how to be loved and show love!

We are at our best, when we can look at our children at whatever age and know that they know they are loved, they know we are not perfect, but that we believe they are a portion of our sun rise and sunsets, that as we grow into whom we are yet to become, they have played a grand part in who we are!

Cheryl G Burke

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