As a relative newcomer to internet marketing, I tested numerous systems, and handed over lots of cash, looking for the next wonder system. Like most newbies, all I found were systems that promised the earth but delivered very little, were overpriced, or were pitched at too high a level for a beginner.

As a newbie, I needed a system that would show me step by step what to do. I needed a system that could provide me with the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. And I needed a system that provided a solid action plan to keep me interested. My Online Income System was developed by Kimberley Hoffman, who was a struggling single mother, wondering where her next dollar was coming from. Like most people that are new to internet marketing, Kimberley fell for every money making system on the net, and soon had a huge credit card bill and no results.

In desperation she posted her story on an online forum, and to her surprise, found a reply from an experienced internet marketer who offered to teach Kimberley the exact steps that she had used to make money online. The rest as they say, is history. Kimberley went from strength to strength, and decided that she had to share these secrets with others. And the result, is the My Online Income System (MOIS).

So What Is MOIS? MOIS is a very detailed, step by step, easy to follow guide, which teaches you how to establish your own internet marketing business, and how to promote it. The program is built around a 60 day action plan, which provides detailed daily tasks and teachings. MOIS focuses on affiliate marketing, which basically involves promoting other people’s products, and receiving a commission on any sales. The MOIS teaches you how to select the right products to promote, how to set up your websites, how to promote the products and how to drive traffic to your sites. The member’s forum provides a great resource, in that you can readily ask questions and receive answers from the MOIS team and from other program users.

This is a very detailed and thorough program, and is well supported with the necessary tools and resources. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make money online.

Happy marketing.  

Dave has over 30 years business experience and is a dedicated internet marketer. He is always keen to share his knowledge and experience with others.

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