I was very curious to learn network technologies and share them online. I am an Engineering Graduate in Electronics and Communications domain but still I dont like to talk in technical language. I think technology is as easy as eating food or drinking wine. I love to research and test various technologies and focus on making the studied things live. Let me start with some of the researches I have performed. Once I have seen a device called NAS and I was curious to know that how does it works. So what I did I learned everything about it from user guides and online documentation and was ready to configure it. I connected a NAS box from ZyXEL to my network and installed a genie backup client on my laptop. After Installation, I entered my serial key for the software and then configured the locations from where I need to pick up files and the location where I need to store them. NAS device was giving me a terabytes of space to store my professional data. First of all I configured windows 2008 server as FTP 7.5 server and then used it as destination to store my data on network. Just I defined Windows 2008 IP as destination including location of the destination folder. Now after setting of source folder on my machine and selecting my MS Outlook psts , I ended configuration by setting up schedule of 5:30 PM in evening with differential type backup. By differential, I mean only changes are sucked by Genie backup client to save time in backing up data. After testing with windows 2008, I ran automatic detection for NAS on my network and connected NAS as a storage device. Now I lost my fear to lose data and emails as daily at 5:30 pm, my all important files and new emails get backed up on my Network Attached Storage Box. There were features on the box to upload youtube videos directly by logging into the GUI of NAS. I love that feature of the device. In addition to Genie there was another client Mimeo but to be straight, I havent used that. Prior to this wonderful solution, I had tested Rsync backup server on my Linux box with Delta Copy client but was not enjoying it as I enjoyed Genie.

Puneet verma is web consultant with more than 4 years experience in Telecom & Networking, ECommerce Industry.You can connect to him on skype id: puneet6565 OR mail him at puneet6565@gmail.com. He is currently running www.extranetworld.com and a green blog www.greentechdelhi.com .