Maybe you have logged onto your Windows computer and wondered what exactly all the icons on the desktop are for, and in truth is it definitely required? Usually when you have a brand new Windows based computer system you won’t have many icons, just a few basic ones including; My Computer, Control Panel, Network, Internet Explorer, etc. Of course after a while ones desktop will be full of icons.

A great number of icons don’t have to be there, they are just set up to allow for fast access to folders, files and also programs. One that can certainly be crucial however could be the my computer window icon. This is just one desktop icon you should keep set up. In case you are asking yourself the importance of the actual ‘My Computer’ desktop graphic and if it’s; so let’s discuss a a few examples and reasons.

In case you have actually clicked on the icon you should have been taken to My Computer Window that may show quite a bit of things. You will notice in this window you see your hard drives, in addition to links to networking regions of your computer. You will have links to your USB slots and to removable hardware.

Additionally, you will discover from inside my computer window area that you have links in the top navigation bar for instance ‘system properties’, ‘uninstall or change a program, ‘map a network drive’ together with the one that will bring you to the Control Panel. By simply clicking on any of these links, you will be lead into the right component of the Control Panel.

One might question is there really a need for this? We would reply to that merely by stating yes and no. We find the idea very useful with regard to being able to quickly gain access to our hard disks, detachable hardware for instance USB hard disk devices, SD memory cards as well as other detachable media and so forth. Regarding many of the the areas of my computer window area, we all do not find that it really is excessively essential to us, and are a lot more more likely to actually makes use of the start menu and go right to the actual Control Panel if we must do anything for instance remove a program or other types of things.

As for the other icons, almost all can invariably be taken away and added once again at a later time simply by creating a brand new icon and dragging it to the desktop, on the other hand, by no means remove the ‘My Computer’ icon.

If you want more in depth details on My Computer window, also you can find an amazing amount of computer tips articles and tutorials.

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