Recent years, with Wireless Network Contact Technology The increasingly sophisticated, many universities started to build wireless Campus Network Contact as Digital Construction of the main points of the campus. As a global leader in wireless technology, Motorola’s enterprise mobility business Switch And thin access point (AP) technologies, according to education, health care, hotels, parks and other places demand for them to draw up a comprehensive large-scale wireless network deployment Solutions In terms of technological advance and take the industry forward-looking leader.

Typical applications: Nanjing University of Posts and Campus Wireless Network Project Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

is an engineering, science, management science as the major electronics, information science features, with engineering, science, literature, economics, management and education and other disciplines, PhD, MA , undergraduate and other multi-level coordination of the development of higher education. Schools with 16 colleges, 2 independent settings Institute, 7 research institutes, 4 research centers, and Graduate, Physical Education Department and other teaching and research institutions, has completed the national priorities (training) subject 1, the National Specialty Construction Point 1, 9 provincial key disciplines, 14 provincial and ministerial key laboratories. The school also has two provincial engineering center. In addition, the school also founded the Independent Institute – Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Institute of accessibility. Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, two existing campuses, three campuses and Xianlin archway campus covers an area of 2,000 acres, more than 20,000 students in the school.

Challenges: the limited network coverage, complex campus network management process

Order to teaching, research and provide a basic condition, Nanjing University of Posts and built a gigabit optical fiber as the main broadband high-speed campus network, through Cernet and Chinanet dual routing and Internet networking. However, this network can not guarantee coverage to all regions within the school, and because in some cases, access can not access some of the inconvenience and mobile terminals, the network infrastructure can not support the mobile office.

Order to provide various forms of complementary wired and wireless Internet access, to enable teachers to students to use network resources anytime, anywhere, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications to deploy a complete network solution. This solution must be: 1, signal coverage and easy access throughout the campus; 2, network speed and secure; 3, the network easy to manage and secure. In this way, not only to meet the school teaching, scientific research, management and service of mobile applications, will enhance educators and management staff to improving the level and quality of school teaching and research.

Motorola’s enterprise mobility business wireless network solutions

Previous university building in a specific region or different deployment of wireless networks, Nanjing University of Posts and wireless network coverage area need to include the teaching of all the various campus buildings, office buildings, dormitory, dining hall, playground and outdoor public places, etc. covers an area of more than 1.4 million square meters. As the campus area is vast, dotted quarters, building complex, a wide range of outdoor areas, requiring very detailed wireless network planning, to meet the needs of wireless coverage to ensure adequate signal coverage and bandwidth is the key technology of the project problem. Therefore, the pre-planning site environment according to different design access points (AP) location, network cable, power cord of the deployment, to ensure a better receiver sensitivity. At the same time, to achieve good enough protective features, such as dust, water, lightning and electricity.

Features for the project, Motorola Enterprise Mobility business of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications to provide coverage that includes indoor and outdoor solutions deployed in the campus of nearly 600 AP, AP thin access point which nearly 450, MeshAP5131 150 access points covering an area of more than 140 million square meters, achieving a wireless network covering the whole garden.

Indoor part of the use of Motorola’s next-generation wireless network management platform WING technology, through Motorola’s enterprise mobility business RFS7000 and thin AP300 programs for indoor wireless access point deployment. All without the need for a single thin AP configuration, but by the RFS7000 unified configuration management system. Thin AP by installing over the network center RFS7000, connected to the RFS7000, it can be automatically downloaded configuration files, including network strategy, security strategy, Visit Strategy and so on. Campus of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

indoor wireless network planning diagram Outdoor part of Motorola’s enterprise mobility business introduced the outdoor AP5131, to Mesh program deployment, continue through the AP5131 for Mesh function points added to the wired network. Compared with the traditional AP coverage, Mesh networks have the bandwidth of high outdoor AP, indoor penetration effect, shown with the same transfer function, then the first place and so on. Outdoor AP5131 in the deployment of Motorola Enterprise Mobility business conditions to select the individual nodes as the root of the wireless network and to the root node as a base to start the network deployment, part of the AP5131 continue to connect to a wireless network. Campus of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

outdoor wireless network planning diagram Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

As the need for all the wireless access point for a unified management, and also integrate with the wired network, Motorola’s enterprise mobility business wireless networking solutions for the deployment of a set of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications RFMS management tools. The Management Software Responsible for the wireless network elements, including the AP300 and AP5131 monitoring and network planning. User-friendly interface for managers to provide wireless network access points currently working conditions, the impact of the frequency distribution and interference analysis of the state, and can automatically adjust the fault AP AP access point around the power failure caused the signal to make up for the blind spot AP . In addition, the system can also data on the two campuses each backup so that when the wireless network device or part of a network cable failure, the wireless coverage of the results will not be affected.

Effect: campus network coverage, network security authentication

Through the deployment of Motorola’s enterprise mobility business, wireless networking solutions, wireless network projects, Nanjing University of Posts and ultimately the multimedia network teaching, educational administration office automation, Internet services, distance learning services. After completion of the Nanjing University of Posts and wireless networks so that teachers, students, faculty and visiting scholars from outside the campus in any one location can access the wireless network connection.

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