For those suffering from hair loss, it’s no joke. The fear of brushing or combing your hair is real. The reality of hair loss to someone can be disheartening without these treatments. Minoxidil Hair Products can be used for general thinning of hair on the top of the head. Unfortunately genetics plays a big role in hair loss.

Minoxidil is the only OTC(over the counter) FDA approved treatment to stop hair loss and hair thinning. The ingredient Minoxidil stops the effects of the DHT(dihydrotestoterone)which is the main cause for hereditary hair loss. The USA is the only country at this time where this product may be purchased without a prescription.

The women’s product contains only 2% of minoxidil while the men’s products have 5% of the working ingredient. Side effects are much higher with the 5% formula so women are not recommended to use it. Women who color their hair, bleach or use relaxers will be glad to know it is safe to use.

Once you start applying the Minoxidil hair products you will need to continue otherwise hair loss will return in a just few months.The women’s product is a water based formula while the men’s product is oil based.

Using the foam versus the liquid may be a better choice for some since it is better for styling hair, according to Dr. William Rassman, Medical Director and Founder Of The New Hair Institute. On his blog called “The Hair Loss Forum” Dr. Rassman suggests to women they can use the 5% men’s formula for better results, although the side affects of growing hair on forehead, upper lip and cheeks increase with use. The other side affects that may occur for women using the 5% men’s formula, an increase in blood pressure and skin irritation

So how do they work? The product is applied to the scalp area that has suffered hair thinning. You apply one ml twice daily with a dropper. The research shows that this increases blood flow to hair follicles which stimulates hair growth. The product could take up to 2-4 months before you actually see results. The product should only be applied to dry hair. And using a greater amount or shampooing more often than recommended, doesn’t increase your results of hair growth. So don’t waste your money on increased applications.

Web MD says the effectiveness of this drug will vary from person to person. But claims have been made that there have been positive differences in hair growth and self esteem related to Minoxidil hair products.

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