Ball Than in mineral processing equipment is an indispensable component of the fragmentation process occupies an important position, ball mill main types: cone energy-saving ball mill, lattice ball mill, tube mill, drum Bearing Ball mill and so on. In this article, Fortune Overflow Ball Mill Machinery introduces the operation, maintenance and repair procedures, easy user reference ball

1, Operation: 1, before driving a good mechanical and electrical inspection of all parts, check all connections Bolt Is loose; all lubrication points lubrication is normal, is normal and reliable transmission, protective equipment intact, electrical instruments are sensitive, a good electrical contact with carbon brushes.

2, Turning a week to check whether the equipment moving parts or around obstacles, and eliminate. Not allowed to stop people around the boot.

3, check and correct, press the Start button to start the motor, pay attention to current changes. Ball must not exceed two consecutive start, the first and the second compartment 5 minutes more, if the third starter, must work with electricians, fitters with the check only after the start. And other equipment shall not be the same, the staggered start to avoid tripping.

4, after the normal operation of mills, to be strictly in accordance with water supply to the mine, add the ball of the provision prohibiting overload, idle time is not more than 15 minutes, so as not to bash liner.

5, the operation should pay attention to check whether the leakage of plasma shell, carefully observe the current, voltage, feeding, water supply is normal, check once every half-hour motor and spindle temperature was less than 60 , identify problems and timely treatment.

6, in operation to observe the hollow shaft, the oil ring is rotating with the oil, the hollow shaft temperature is normal, as found in the hollow shaft fever, close to the bush-burning should take immediate cooling measures, may not immediately stop, so as to avoid “axle.” At the same time pay attention to check the lubrication oil parts, temperature, time refueling.

7, ball park should be preceded by stop to the mining, ore processing within the After standby, stop water supply. The stop button and pull down the gates.

8, in the absence of notification power outage, the first pull down the knife, press the stop button to stop to the mining, water supply.

9, parking, cleaning equipment and sanitation, to ensure civilized production.
Second, maintenance procedures: 1, the ball mill operation and maintenance personnel should be familiar with the structure and properties of the equipment and the parts of the name, size, role.

2, the operator in accordance with the “four” principles, to provide lubrication map labeling requirements lubrication ministries, not the use of untreated waste oil to maintain lubrication points clean.

3, running in the attention to check the departments bearing temperature does not exceed 60 , and check the availability of loose bolts departments, with or without abnormal noise, to the mine water is uniform, seamless tube with plasma phenomena, the electrical current, voltage is normal . Transmission of the guard is intact.

4, to keep equipment clean and sanitation, in addition to working parts, the remaining parts have to be ready to deal with.

Third, maintenance of order (1), repair cycle: 1, revised 1 month; 2, minor repairs one? 3 months; 3 in the repair of 12? 24 months; 4, overhaul of 60? 120 months.

(2), maintenance of content:

1, as amended: mainly the oil, adjust the gap ministries, departments and strong bolts, replacement or inspection of individual liner liner wear, repair feeder.

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