One of the things that I have found since I started writing articles about mind mapping is that the blank page can be very intimidating. If you are just starting out or even if you have been writing for any length of time, the blank page can be very daunting. This is where thinking outside the blank page comes in.

Coincidentally, about the same time I began to focus on writing, I also found that my mind starts to create article topics, ideas, and even content at the strangest of times. For instance, every morning while I drive to work I seem to have an idea come into my head regarding a mind map I want to create. When I realized that this was happening on a regular basis, I went out and bought one of those electronic voice memo recorders. I cannot recommend highly enough that you go and get one as soon as possible. You will find yourself using it at the strangest of times in the strangest of places!

At other times I find myself in places where using the voice memo recorder would be inconvenient, such as the airport for instance. In these cases, I break out my BlackBerry to capture my ideas. I used to carry a regular cell phone but found that it would be much more beneficial to have a more powerful tool at hand. Now I can not only access my email and the Internet from anywhere, but with the QWERTY keyboard, I have ubiquitous capture of article and content ideas literally at my fingertips.

So today, I hope I have have helped you solve several issues in one fell swoop. Now you know how to beat the blank page (by not using one in the first place!), capture your ideas while driving, or even anyplace you can pull out your BlackBerry or other Smartphone. Whenever and wherever you have an idea, you should never be without the tools to capture it.

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