There are 3 roles of Social Media to marketing your business online… Check this out..


Visibility. There are various ways to effectively improve your business’ visibility online. Top of the list is promoting it using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube and through just blogging about it. Through these strategies you are driving traffic to your website. Understanding this “visibility formula” you can move from chasing your customers to attracting them and let them come back for more of your original content and quality services. Mixing the ingredients such as SEO and social media engagement will work a spell to a yummy and delicious business online.


You will soon come to realize that the low cost and opportunities of reaching out to your customers using social media can do wonders. Now how will you improve the online and social presence of your business? The key to let your business sell through social media presence is through your design—quality and original content. The prospect customers in general are also maddening critics. Your key here, is to be able to reach out to them is providing them quality blogs to read and giving them what they want to hear.

But! There is still a big but… Even though a lot of entrepreneurs see the value of social media in marketing online business, you still have to consider if your team or your business itself is ready for it. It is important that you and your business be ready for it. Since every business situation is so unique as we all know it, as well as your business and your objectives, it must be a part of your life in order to keep the momentum and it needs more attention now for it to be successful. You should live up to their expectations. Be consistent! If you do not plan to be consistent then you will be wasting everybody’s time.


Voice. Social media is the voice of your business. It is a way to communicate with your friends, website visitors and potential customers. Let the voice of your business be heard through this strategy without costly advertisements.


Identity. Social Media provides identity and to who you are, through your content and the products and services you offer. There will be a lot of potential when you promote your services on your posts and in your social media.. There is a good possibility that they will look at it. Most especially coming from your friends and families from your area. There is really unlimited possibilities.

But you should also take into consideration that you cannot just depend on social media alone. You can savor the taste of social media when it is coupled with other marketing ingredients like email marketing through newsletters, affiliate marketing and sponsoring as well bartering, and SEO. Like cooking the best dish, you can’t make it delicious with just one ingredient. Each ingredient needs another ingredient so that it’s best taste will come out.


The more informed you are about social media and other marketing tools, the more likely it will attract repeat buyers and you will be able to build your own credibility and reputation. Keep it going!!



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