Finding and employing a telemarketing services provider to run an outbound telemarketing project may seem easy to do, but, unless you plan and implement your project appropriately, you may be looking at a marketing disaster waiting to happen. Essentially, the telemarketers that you employ must have ample experiences with cold-calling and you should make an effort to sit and talk with them to lay down your objectives and aspirations with your phone-based marketing campaign. It is important to know what you want and expect from your telemarketing project otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of your time, effort and money.

A script that works. As soon as you have chosen your telemarketing services agency, one of the most basic things you should do is to talk with them and have them formulate a good script. The script or “call guide” must meet your expectations from the project, what information you need from your customers or prospects, or any kind of data you might need to get from every call. Part of an outbound telemarketing campaign’s success depends on developing the right script for your campaign. Once you have a call guide that you are content with, you have to observe how it is working during your project. You have to evaluate its effectiveness. If you are not getting the results you expect from the calls, then you should take time and discuss with your telemarketing team what needs to be fixed or improved in the script to achieve the results that you want.

Integrate other marketing methods. Although telemarketing is a great direct marketing medium to reach potential customers, you can maximize your marketing spend by using other media to support your cold-calling campaign. You can launch an integrated advertising project that combines telemarketing, direct mailing, email advertising, print advertising, etc. You can start with print advertising or direct mailing to familiarize the people with your brand. Next, you may send out an email advertisement. Most of today’s telemarketing firms can manage integrated advertising projects that include all of these marketing methods. It is best to combine one or two methods with your outbound telemarketing project to maximize the results.

Appropriate timeline. Just like all other marketing projects, telemarketing campaigns are not designed to run indeterminately. They are more likely to be effective when run for a definitive period of time. If the first run did not produce results that you liked, then you can opt to give it another try. Usually, telemarketing campaigns are run for 21 days, which is enough time to determine if you want to pursue another campaign, try another strategy or discontinue it altogether. Depending on the results, companies may extend telemarketing projects for months. Some organizations have been known to run campaigns for years.

Telemarketing service providers enable businesses to reach their customers directly. They have also taken the usual telemarketing to the next level offering 24-hour customer service which include order-taking and order-processing, and after-hours answering service. The comprehensiveness and capabilities of telemarketing services in modern marketing industry make it among the fastest-growing business sectors today.


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