It’s been said that the average customer evaluates a retail display or pull up banner in a matter of three seconds. That means that you have three seconds to capture their attention, convey your message, help them decide that your message is the one they want to hear, and stimulate them to inquire further. The fact is, many retailers fail to achieve this rather lofty, yet entirely crucial task. There are a number of reasons why, but one of the biggest reasons is that people just try to do too much, in such a small space.

Some of the other common reasons many large format banners don’t make the cut in the customers’ eyes include:

-Crowded and crammed design that clouds the message. Busy large format banners, and window displays get ignored by customers. You have three seconds to gain their attention, and lots of text isn’t going to make that happen. Think “less is more.”

-A lack of internal queues for the customer. Window displays should have corresponding internal queues that remind them why them came in the first place. You could use a pull up banner or restating the message, inside, to alleviate this.

-The same window display week after week doesn’t keep the visual or your projected concepts in the customers’ mind at all. Keeping it new, fresh and different is something essential to harnessing your desired audience’s attention for the long-term.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind that when you’re getting your retail displays together:

-A great thing to do is research what some of your competitors are doing in their window displays. Are they using large format banners? What’s the design like? How can you top that? All of these research questions are constructive and can help you achieve maximum results.

-After you have a good idea of what you’re looking to put across, you should then search for legitimate, experienced, and capable printing companies that can take your ideas and make them concrete and professional. For best results, choose a company that has experience working with retailers on window displays.

-If you have enough window space, you should think about other complimentary objects that you can arrange in the window, along with your large format banners. If you’re a clothing retailer, the obvious choice would be mannequins modeling your clothing. If you sell sporting goods, why not create a season display that corresponds to your sale that is advertised on your banners. Really playing up the visuals, while showcasing your merchandize, is essential to gaining that customer attention retailers desire.

Best of luck designing your large format banners and window displays. Hopefully these tips will help you in your store’s quest to gain more attention from prospective customers, and will in time, bolster more traffic in your store. In short, remember that less is more and a professional banner printing company will guide you in the process to turn your ideas into results generating machines! is your source for custom banner printing. We produce large format banners perfect for trade shows, murals, window graphics, exhibitions, and more.