Many people make the mistake of using jealously when trying to make your ex want you back. Yes, this technique can sometimes work, but the majority of the time it will backfire and leave you with egg all over your face. In this article I would like to introduce some subtle techniques to make your ex want you back. I have assumed that you are still friends and talk regularly:

1) Talk about the wonderful experiences you shared and the feelings they made you two have. Discuss the real fun times you had together and also the really sad moments. Whether you talk about things that made you laugh or cry, it will introduce a common bond and help you two feel closer to one another.

2) Ask your ex if they remember certain things. Perhaps a funny TV show, or how long since they heard your favourite song or ate their favourite meal. Once again this will bring about a certain closeness between the two of you. This will also have your ex reminiscing about the good times.

3) When you talk about your past together, don’t talk about it with regrets. You don’t want to be stuck in the past or constantly thinking about the future. Live the here and now. So if you get into a discussion with your ex about your past, recall it with fondness. Say that you were glad you had your time together and it taught you a lot. Plus you have no regrets. This will help to make you appear more independent, confident and happy. All of which are very attractive qualities.

4) You used to use the term “we” all the time. Redefine this phrase! Sometimes rather than saying “you” or “i” to your ex, use the term “we”. If you can use it in a way that doesn’t imply commitment, once again it shows that you have moved on and are being mature about your new relationship. Just by hearing the word “we” will conjure up all sorts of emotional thoughts in your ex’s mind. It may not make your ex want you back immediately, but you have definitely started the process!

There are certain things you can do right and wrong to make Your Ex Want You Back. Get them wrong and you can kiss goodbye to that relationship forever.