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In this Genesis PURE review, I will be taking a closer look at this company to give you the information that you need in your home based business decision. Who is this company? What is it exactly that they offer to their customers? More importantly, does Genesis PURE offer a legitimate business opportunity? Lets begin my review. Legitimate Home Based Business Reviews

Launched in 2009, Genesis PURE is a health and wellness company that offers a full product line of nutritional beverages, supplements, anti-aging, and weight loss solutions to name a few. They advertise these products as being formulated with only the most natural ingredients. They do not contain fillers, sugars, or preservatives.

Genesis PURE offers these products through a large network of Independent Business Owners (IBO), representing the multi-level marketing business opportunity that they are quickly becoming well-known for.

The cost to become an Independent Business Owner will be an annual fee of $ 37. Along with this price, there will be a commitment to their monthly Autoship program, which will ship the product pack of your choice to your address every 4 weeks. For those who do not have a desire to sign up for their Autoship program, they can sign up for an annual fee of $ 47. Your membership will include a Genesis PURE Virtual Back Office to assist you in your daily business operations.

Genesis PURE offers 7 components to their compensation plan. As you achieve personal sales, and begin your recruiting efforts to grow your business, you will begin to profit from the full rewards of their compensation plan. These 7 components include: Legitimate Home Based Business Reviews

Retail Sales
First Order Bonus
Revenue Sharing Pool
Team Earnings
Generation Check Match
Leadership Pool
Luxury Car Bonus

This compensation plan is designed to promote team building and leadership. As you grow your organization, and help those in your downline to achieve success, they will reward you accordingly.

In my opinion, Genesis PURE is a very legitimate company. They offer products of high demand for health conscious consumers. However, it will be important to take into consideration that this business will be dependent upon your ability to contact friends, family, neighbors, and associates to purchase products, and recruit them into your business. With Genesis PURE being a traditional multi-level marketing business, these will be the marketing methods that you will be trained and encouraged to utilize in building your business. With that being said, if you have a strong desire to build this business, Genesis PURE offers many rewards, and the potential for your success.

As always, I wish you the best of luck in your search for a home based business for you and your family. Legitimate Home Based Business Reviews

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