There are a lot of people that disregard the signs that they see when they are driving. You may not read the signs or you may not have to read the signs to know what they mean but it is important that you abide by the signs when you are on the road.

First and foremost, you should always make sure that you are abiding by the speed limit signs. These signs are not posted to make your life miserable or to frustrate you, but they have been carefully constructed for your safety.

Many times you may not know what is coming on a road. When you are driving in a residential area you never know when a small child or even a pet will dart out from one of the homes and into the middle of the road.

Because of this, it is important that you teach yourself how to follow the speed limit. When you are following the speed limit you will be ensuring that you have plenty of time to stop when you are not expecting to stop.

This means it is also important to watch the road. When you are watching the road you will be able to react to any unexpected situations that may arise as a result of driving in an area that is quite unpredictable.

You should also make sure that you take the time to get to know your car. When you know how your car is going to react you may need to slow down even more so that you know you have time to stop in case of an emergency.

Second, you should always make sure that you are following the cautionary speed limit signs. Sometimes the speed limit is going to change because the extenuating circumstances make it necessary.

There are different parts of freeways that have changed speed limits to a higher speed than they usually are. They call these parts of the freeways or the highways the speed limit testing zones and you should also follow the speed limits in this zone.

The speeds were decided upon by a team of scientists. They took their time to find out what speed would enable you to be the safest while you were on the road and they found that the posted speed is what ended up working best.

When the speed limit is higher than you feel comfortable driving you have to make sure that you stay in the lane that is farthest to the right. This will ensure that other cars are able to pass you safely and continue driving the posted speed limit.

Taking the time to understand what you feel comfortable with is absolutely necessary. Never drive faster than you feel comfortable driving because you will increase your chances of injuring yourself and the other drivers on the road when you do so.

You should also make sure that you take the time to pay attention to cautionary signs. Although these are not as prevalent as the speed limit signs that re posted everywhere, they are definitely important to learn how to follow.

As you are driving past construction zones you should make sure that you recognize the signs and you follow what they say. The workers that are in the street are in a very vulnerable position being on the street.

Recognizing this truth and taking the time to make sure you do not hurt a construction worthier will be well worth your effort. Hurting someone when you are driving can be completely traumatic.

Finally, you have to make sure that you are reading and paying attention to the cautionary signs throughout your drive. There will be many different places and areas on your drive that will require you to give way to some of the construction workers.

The construction workers need to know that they can work safely on the roads. Abiding by the signs will help you to be safe and will also ensure that the construction workers are able to do their best work.

Taking the time to read sings can be dangerous. You should have an adequate knowledge of what signs mean so that you are able to glance at the sign and understand the message that the sign is trying to convey.

When you take your driving test you will be tested on your knowledge of what signs mean. Take the time to understand the importance of these signs and learn what they mean.

Tom Selwick is a public safety representative for 25 years and has authored hundreds of articles relating to public safety and traffic signs. He has worked in public safety for years promoting safe transportation practices.

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