I am constantly on the planning out for interesting, informative stories and illustrations of leadership styles that support successful modification management – and especially ones that are people centred also process focused.
Within the course of recent research I stumbled on the terribly interesting story of the man of nails who found his heart.

Andy Pearson founding chairman and former CEO of Tricon Global Restaurants Inc. [KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell] has recently undergone an enormous change in leadership style. The new Andy Pearson, a person who is currently in his mid-70s, has transformed himself into a new reasonably boss who majors on inspirational motivation.

Having carved himself a decades-long name of ruthless, exhausting-nosed, numbers obsessed success in corporate America with corporations such as Pepsi Co and McKinsey, he now feels that he has came across a personal purpose of amendment that he feels has universal significance…

Through operating with colleagues at Tricom, Pearson experienced a Damascene conversion as he realised the importance of the human heart in driving a company’s success – one person at a time – and the way this kind of success can’t be imposed from the top however should be ignited and nurtured through attention, awareness, recognition, and reward – true inspirational motivation.

Lesson number (one) – People can answer their leaders efforts to connect with their emotional facet
Pearson realised [albeit rather late in life in my read!] that the need for recognition which the necessity for approval is a fundamental human drive – and key to inspirational motivation in amendment management situations
He was also a massive enough man [in my view] to alter direction and vogue almost overnight.

Pearson’s own re-definition of leadership is as follows:

“Nice leaders notice a balance between obtaining results and how they get them.”

Lesson number (a pair of) – The requirement for recognition and approval could be a basic human drive
He currently believes that it’s less necessary to issue orders than it’s to hunt answers and ideas from below. He sees his job is to pay attention to the people who work for him and to serve them. He still believes in firing people who don’t perform!

“Ultimately,” Pearson says, “it’s all concerning having a lot of real concern for the other person. There’s a massive distinction between being powerful and being robust-minded. There’s an vital facet that has to try and do with humility.”
Lesson number (three) – The massive leadership distinction between being powerful and being powerful-minded

Therefore Andy Pearson’s experience clearly shows that individuals profit from a modification management leadership vogue that addresses their emotional aspect and provides them respect and approval.

Properly applied in an exceedingly change management context, this is precisely what a people-oriented leadership style will deliver when employing the holistic and wide read perspective of a programme based mostly approach to vary management.

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