Toshiba’s “Great Leap Forward,” to increase next year, liquid crystal


Target, low-key down Sony LCD sales target this year … … in the overall share of China’s LCD market, the tragic decline of the crisis, foreign investment


Brand has been very active desire for that? Adjusting the appearance of sales targets, they announced it in the dark what authority?

Shrinking market share in China

From the PRC, a research firm for China’s LCD TV market share of retail sales survey data show that as of September this year, foreign brands accounted for only 3 percent overall market share, and take market share over the same period last year Nearly half of .

For foreign brands in China LCD TV market share decline because, GfK China leaf level analysis, in addition to being Chinese brand

Price war

Challenge, the more important reason is that foreign brands from their own, that over-reliance on price instruments, over-reliance on central cities, over-reliance on large chain of these three factors.

Ping Ye that’s repeated with the domestic brands contests, frequent use of foreign brand tools to quickly gain market price, but let lost profits and damage to brand image. At the same time, when foreign brands to


Force focused on the central city, they will have ignored the potential of three, four non-central market, foreign brands in this market strategy and operations without adequate preparation. In addition, the marketing focus on large chains who have to bear the cost of sales increased, and the risk of a single channel.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, TWICE China has added editor Yuan Maofeng view Yuanmao Feng told reporters, in addition to the attack by the Chinese brand, the


Crisis and the deteriorating financial position of foreign brands such as its own cause in the Chinese market is not as sharp reasons.

Or increase the chip U.S. and European markets

“They increased the intensity of U.S. and European markets,” Yuanmao Feng told reporters that although foreign brands in the Chinese market becoming more and more difficult to sustain, but in Europe and the United States market, it remains a high-end foreign brands in the world such as Japan and South Korea, the next five years, foreign brands will be the market focus concentrated in the market.

It is understood that


, Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi and other foreign brands in Europe and the United States market, overall sales of its LCD TVs sold around 89 percent, despite the recent global economic crisis to Europe and the United States during the LCD segment shrinking market demand, thus affecting the share of Japanese and Korean brands, but with the global economy gradually emerging signs of recovery, the market will gradually stabilize.

However, Yuanmao Feng also said that with the


, TCL, Haier, Hisense and other domestic brands in the low-end markets in Europe and America began to White, to some extent, Japan, Korea and other foreign brands to feel some pressure. “Japanese and Korean brands in Europe and the United States today is the future of Chinese brands,” said Yuan Maofeng.

For this view, the construction industry Wu Xian hold a different view, he told reporters that Chinese brands in the absence of localizing the production (or production plant in the local market base) case, the price is difficult to have competitiveness. According to Wu Xian Jian introduced in the U.S. and European markets, especially in the North American market, South Korea Department of brands already squeezed into the first camp as the layout, Japanese brands Toshiba,


, Sony, Hitachi and other markets are in North America in the third camp.

The cover of darkness

The bear to lose, although the shrinking market share in China, but foreign brands have not given up a huge piece of cake, but choose to build in the Chinese market by LCD panel makers to increase the cost advantage.

Wu Xian Jian analysis, with AU Optronics, Chi Mei Taiwan-funded enterprises involved in manufacturing field, as well as some new-made to enhance brand awareness, the future of China’s LCD TV market will be Japan, Korea and other foreign brands, domestic giants, Taiwan owned brands and national brands, and other emerging pattern of separatist camp.

However, Yuanmao Feng said that Japan and South Korea and other foreign brands will only limit itself to high-end market.

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