Have you ever wondered how and what goes through a LASIK Eye Surgery? Unlike what you hear in all the advertisements on television or in magazines, it does take a bit of time to prep up for it and even after the surgery. As most of you already know, through all the research and reading, that LASIK Eye Surgery is very safe and has a very high success rate.

Even so like what I have spoke about in my last post you would still need to know if you are first willing to do it and second can and able to do the procedure. What many do not know is that fact that some patients will not actually be able to go through the Laser correction surgery, not because of the fear of having your cornea cut and sliced(yes, this does happen) it is because some eyeballs shape are developed in a way that the operation can not happen. I was lucky in my case. After meeting the eye doctor (Ophthalmologist) and booking I got to know quit a few things that I was not told about before. I must admit, maybe because it was so long ago things are more clear now.

One of the things is you as a patient will require to visit the laser eye clinic at least once before the operation. The reason is simple, they need to have a look at your eyes and test for any irregularities. The basically needed to know if you were able to have it done. I was.

On the day of testing they took me to a room and put few eye drops into my eyes. They were anesthetics to numb my eyes for what yet to come. After thirty minutes they took me to another room with all these gadgets. Some were familiar, like the one that tests your eyesight and its strength, just like when you go for glasses replacement (can’t remember the name of the machine). At first I thought they were going to perform the LASIK Eye Surgery right there and then. What they did then was actually and literally pocking me with a pen looking device that measures the size and shape of my eyes.

I must admit I was intrigued by the entire thing as you can see your eye shape in a computer. The next thing was to place me on a machine that looked like a mini satellite dish with flickering light pulsing out of it. To be honest I cannot remember what that was for but was harmless. I then had to wait then for while to get the results. They were clear and I was ready for the operation. They booked my Laser correction surgery for another two weeks. You know what the pre-op testing seem to have calmed me down for the real thing.

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