Lasik surgery is an advanced eye surgery designed to help people to get a better view. Although the basic principle of operation is the same for all operators, equipment used to perform the surgery, the surgeon may vary by surgeon. In fact, the terminology used is different from medical doctors. For some surgeons Lasik is an all-laser “surgery for others, using a microkeratome, a surgical knife.


At first, the IntraLase system is designed to increase reliability and safety of Lasik surgery. This can be explained by the microkeratome, the IntraLase system that uses laser energy to remove the thin flap of cornea of the eye the place. The microkeratome is a knife that is not going to use this technology.

After removal of the flap, the energy of the excimer laser is used to reshape thethe cornea. This process aims to create a sharper angle. At the end of the process, the flap and is now restored as a natural “patch” during the healing process.

Advantages of Intralase

Although little reported problems during surgery Lasik, sometimes things go completely wrong, especially with the volatility of microkeratomes blade. Since the metal can lead to a distorted part of the edges of the blade on the flap. Of course this can only leaddistorted areas on the cornea, which in turn leads to anomalies such as astigmatism.

The metal part of the blade microkeratomes also responsible for birth defects and incomplete flap leads to a distorted view. This anomaly can be easily avoided IntraLase system.

The Femto-flap system reduces the energy of the laser through the introduction of an appropriate model of superposition of small areas. This model is produced in the cornea. The laserThe IntraLase system can operate at a very high frequency in order quadrillionth Hertz. With this, it is now easier to find and reduces the tissue at the molecular level instead of using heat or search the surrounding tissue.

Another advantage of the system Femto is an opportunity for people with thin corneas to undergo Lasik. Recall that the thinness of the cornea is a criterion for transactions. For people with a cornea, the lengthabout 5oo microns were allowed to undergo the operation. microkeratomes This was a limitation that can cut only about 100 or 200 microns. One obvious disadvantage of this is the huge amount of cornea has been lost. The Femto-system, it is now possible to cut a flap as thin as 100 microns, without unnecessary waste and this is because the consistency, reliability and security.

The ability to shape the cornea is followed by a further significant advantagethe IntraLase system. In fact, this alleviates the creation of flaps with vertical edges more accurately than the thin and sometimes fake created by microkeratome. These heavy edges are less likely to break. This also reduces the possibility of growth of cells directly under the flap to find and press on it. This could be a distorted corneal surface created. The Femto system, it is very unlikely to find these problems. It ‘s also impossiblesystem to get to an eye infection because of the sterility of the IntraLase.

Possible complications in femto-

Like any system is the IntraLase also vulnerable to complications, even when it was reported that these complications were less striking than those associated with microkeratomes. Unfortunately, surgeons were some patients undergoing surgery with the system Femto-LASIK is a further complication, which is an unusual sensitivityLight. Some reports suggest that this anomaly was found in patients IntraLase 1-20% and it was also noted that only a surgeon found only one case of 20%.

The good news is that many doctors have argued that this anomaly is completely chronological. That is, it only lasts for a short period of time. This anomaly was cured for weeks at a couple drops.

Practitioners with the rise of system that IntraLase IntraLase system side effects of timeWhereas abnormalities involve microkeratomes are more severe and last longer.

A review of the costs of IntraLase

As the IntraLase system is safer and more reliable microkeratomes, there is an overhead cost associated with the IntraLase system. According to a report it is assumed that the use of Intralase increases $ 300 per eye. Patients are asked to choose between IntraLase and microkeratomes. However, it should be noted thatSome doctors only offer IntraLase and automatically load into the air.

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