As a leader I am reminded of my military services and not realized how valuable the training was until I was in real-life dealing with real-life situations. Therefore, as a Safety Professional I have learned that you must exhibit some leadership strengths or you will not be able to sell the safety process to management. The following is a recap of what was recent posted on my safety blog and wanted to share with everyone.

The following are ideas and thoughts that were adapted from a very old US Army leadership card:

“SUPERVISION IS: The art of checking on the progress of actions and job assignments without harassment or taking on the job yourself.

LEADERSHIP IS: The art of influencing and directing personnel to obtain willing teamwork, confidence, respect and cooperation to accomplish the daily task assignment. Leadership is essential in developing a solid safety and health attitude among personnel.”

“Indications of Leadership:

Morale- The morale of my area is high (How do I know?)
“Esprit De Corps”- My personnel act as a Team (How do I know?)
Discipline- My work areas and personnel clearly show quality and orderliness (How do I know?)
Proficiency- My personnel know how to properly do their tasks (How do I know?)
Leadership Principles (Rate Yourself):
I intend to set a positive, competent and safe example for my personnel.
I am technically proficient and know the “right way” to do tasks in my area.
I continually seek improvement in myself, the quality of my work, and my designated area of expertise.
I know my personnel and lookout for their welfare and ways to improve it.
I work to keep my personnel informed about work hazards, safety and other important issues.
I intend to insure all tasks are understood, properly supervised and properly accomplished.
I assure that orientation and training of personnel includes how to complete their jobs in an efficient, effective and safe manner.
I intend to make sound and timely decisions regarding operations, risks and their related hazards.
I intend to develop a sense of responsibility for performance, effectiveness and safety among my personnel.
I intend to place people in accordance with their capabilities and provide positive feedback routinely.”

An effective Team accomplishes what it has been trained, organized, equipped and assigned to do:
In the given time – Do we effectively and efficiently get the work completed and in an organized manner?
To the highest quality – Do all our personnel know the quality desired?
With personal awareness – Makes sure no person is at undue risk or subject to unwarranted harm – Do all personnel know the hazards and the controls/safety procedures needed?
With understanding of the risks – We do not accept undue or uncontrolled risk or hazards as a part of any job.
Communication – Do my personnel report problems, issues, needs and hazards before taking on any task? Do I receive and act timely on their reports?

If you take these techniques and apply to any business, you will have a winning combination of Leadership and Management traits that will be second to none to bet.

The military is a good training ground for Leadership and you will take away many proven strengths that can be applied to real-life business.

My name is James Roughton Safety Professional. I consider myself a Social Network and Personal Branding Mentor for those who want to understand how to navigate the Social Networking web 2.0 features.

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