Searching for jobs turns out to be an essential part in everybody’s life. Landing u in the right job is as important as to live life happily. Jobs are an unavoidable part and parcel of life. It is very difficult to survive without any job. Getting a perfect job is not an easy task. But if you are confident & qualified enough for that particular job, then it won’t be a hard task at all. But sometimes even in spite of your high qualification, it becomes really tough to get what you deserve. The process of job searching comprises various up and down phases. There are some success factors to get a job easily. Some of them are described below. • Searching for the right vacancy: In the process of right job searching, first of all you have to look out the vacancies which suit your qualification, and the job sectors in which you want to be. For there are various sources like job portals, part time job websites, consultancies, newspaper that can be used effectively for finding the relevant jobs. • Interview: After passing the above phase, you would have to prepare yourself for the interview. For this purpose you can prepare yourself through various methods like making a set of relevant questions which are generally asked in the interview of jobs of your required domain. You can even search about it on the Internet to prepare yourself well for that purpose. This phase usually to determine your personality and also to get an idea about your knowledge pertaining to your job. Your attitude, dressing sense, the way you talk, etc are some important factors which affect the interviewer a lot. • After the interview: After you are through with the interview, the next phase is to show your actual talent in front of your interviewer. You should always take care never to overestimate or even underestimate yourself in front of the interviewers. It is better to always be what you are in real, do not showoff. Speak smartly & answer intelligently. • The negotiation phase: Once the job is confirmed, you will have to negotiate about the salary. Since you are new to the job, you haven’t joined the organization; the interviewer may cancel your appointment if you make a wrong move. These above were some important stages which usually lay an important role in the recruitment procedure.

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