Energy conservation, energy, Environmental protection Is no longer merely a task of the industrial sector, in the “green” impact of the concept, IT sectors all have access to “green” area, has introduced “green” technologies and products. Intel As the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, has maintained a leading edge technology position, as early as April 2009, it has released its latest research and development of data center management platform technology. With the Intel ® DC M technology, and Intel’s Xeon 5500 series server energy consumption to become the focus of the promotion of Intel products, thus, to a large living, according to Intel, the new management strategy focused on market opening.

And Intel to work together as a “green” strategy Cooperation Partner?? Swimming dragon technology was first released in the same year in June for the operation and maintenance in the field of SiteViewDCM IT data center management platform. It combines the powerful Intel Intelligent energy-saving technologies and swimming dragon Excellence monitoring technology, monitoring, management and optimize the data center and power consumption. After several months of rigorous testing and research, in the November 28, 2009 launch of SiteViewDCM trial, and began to SiteViewDCM put into the market, opened the field of IT operation and maintenance, “green” curtain.

Green data center technology Construction of data center management platform designed to create optimized Energy Improve the efficiency of the service platform for enterprise information technology has brought measurable benefits and balanced development.

First, we need to understand that building high-performance data center core objectives, meaning that the data center to ensure efficient and stable operation, while achieving the best rationalization of energy load application. Data center management platform needs from hardware and Software Two aspects together to achieve. Software level, the valley of death and technology SiteViewDCM responsible for monitoring the data center power consumption in server load components of various performance parameters and power consumption parameters, to analyze the performance of server components interconnected with the load information, to maintain the normal operation of the server, and the development of energy saving strategies. Hardware level, energy consumption data collection server, such as temperature, voltage, Fan Work status, power state, then the data back to the data center operation and maintenance software, get software for data and energy-saving strategy, the implementation of energy-saving tool for adjusting power load package operation.

Would appear to create high-quality data center services platform, software and hardware are essential. Then such a data center management platform is to run up and realize energy efficient dual-profits?

Software platform?? Data fully, to provide accurate policy configuration

SiteViewDCM (datacentermanagement) all referred to as data center management platform, is developed on the basis SiteViewECC a new generation of software products, which by the server hardware, Network Equipment, and applications such as analysis of data collected to obtain a detailed control equipment components work in the cycle period of performance and power consumption than the optimal configuration is used to configure the energy saving policy parameters, and thus cost savings for the enterprise.

SiteViewDCM (data center management platform) based on the valley of death SiteViewECC (integrated system management platform) to expand from, have a strong basis for the three functions, namely?? Monitoring, control, reporting.

SiteViewDCM to the power of the IT infrastructure for real-time energy consumption and equipment, temperature monitoring and acquisition of power through a special data acquisition package, collecting power of the dynamic parameters business needs to ensure normal operation in the premise of providing dynamic component power load regulation strategy.

Addition, SiteViewDCM main function is to monitor the protection of the data center is also within the IT systems of the normal and effective operation of the accident before the detection of potential failure. It focused on data center IT infrastructure, network devices, applications, databases, middleware, and network transmission condition monitoring and performance management failure. Thus, the performance data monitored parameters and power consumption data parameters can be very good at the same monitoring and analysis system for the integrated display.

SiteViewDCM a huge number of data monitoring device can help users to conveniently and quickly grasp from the IT infrastructure to the application of various state parameters, the establishment of three-dimensional matrix monitoring network.

Control is configured to develop energy-saving strategy for IT system implementation aspects. For the server to run under the various components of business needs to achieve its parameters can be regulated, SiteViewDCM data center management platform, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the server data center in the normal and efficient operation. On this basis, the realization of IT power load and temperature control components to optimize use. According to SiteViewDCM monitoring performance data and power from the data, the monitoring system can provide different business needs, the work of the IT components and the different energy load. Based on these data, the user can operate in the event and strategies for energy load control step in the relevant parameters. For example, when a server CPU work during the day time period, because the business needs to run more, energy load, so the, in this time period to provide the energy load to be in the data analysis by SiteViewDCM obtained bottom line of a data threshold, in the strategy configuration in this time period, the energy available to the CPU load can not be below this threshold in order to ensure normal business needs of the CPU requirements for the work. When the night of non-work time, because the business needs less, for the CPU, do not need to load equal to the supply of energy during the day, so in the night time period, the CPU load on the supply of regulation to ensure the normal open state can be , set a maximum threshold threshold, resulting in CPU load of energy has been low for so as to achieve real-time energy saving effect.

, Of course, for the data center to manage the size, SiteViewDCM also introduced different versions to meet individual requirements. For smaller data centers, SiteViewDCM workload data analysis because of its smaller, less complex business needs, business needs, therefore ensuring the normal and stable operation, while the practice of energy saving program will be defined as the chassis tuning and Automatic energy-saving aspects. The so-called frame-tuning, that is, to upgrade the cabinet on the number of servers deployed (ie, rack rate) under the premise of not only restrict the server’s total power to ensure that it does not exceed the capacity of the circuit and the air conditioning cooling capacity, while Also as far as possible to meet the energy needs of each server in the changing business loads to minimize the impact on the performance level.

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