Even if you already have a CV example, you may doubt whether or not the example is working well. This is an understandable concern because you created the example with a certain goal in mind and you want to achieve this goal. One reason people create an example CV is because they are trying to land their dream job. Other people create these types of examples because they intend to sell the examples.

In this article we will provide some tips on how you can tell if your example CV is really working. We will first look at those who are searching for a job. For these people the easiest way to determine how effective an example CV is by looking at how many potential employers are contacting you.

This does not mean you will definitely get the job you want but receiving many calls after submitting your CV indicates it is effective. If you are selling your CV example online, take a look at your conversion rate. If you are attracting a lot of traffic but not making many sales, your example should probably be reevaluated. Examine your example closely and see if you can tell why visitors are not interested in making a purchase. On the other hand, if most visitors are purchasing your example, you are doing something right. See if you can duplicate this success by producing a second example for sale.

Obviously you will need to make some changes to your example after you determine it is not effective. At first try only changing one or two aspects of the example at a time so you can test the new example and see if these changes make a difference. If these changes don\’t work, it is time to seek out alternatives.

In conclusion the best thing you can do sometimes is ask someone else to look at your CV example. They can provide you with some advice on how the example can be improved. Potential employers and website visitors may also be able to tell you what it is about your example that is offputting.

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