On the 22nd of October 2008 the European Parliament has adopted a new Directive to aid for the protection of consumers for respect of certain problems of the timeshare industry and how timeshare is sold. This new legislation will focus on key issues that both inform and protect consumers and will offer more confidence when choosing to invest for timeshare for the future.

The main reasons for Timeshare ownership seem to are lost for a fog of disinformation. These loopholes and omissions for the 1994 Timeshare Directive quickly became evident and were subsequently exploited by questionable companies working around the content of the Directive.

The problems for front of the timeshare industry and its consumers were the lack of detailed pre-contractual information, so consumers were unable to make an informed decision. Under This new directive, the new contracts will have to feature information covering the purchaser’s rights to cancel the contract at any time during their ownership and give detail of the legal and financial consequences of this action.

This will help avoid problems like the one that happened to Mrs Brown. Her husband passed away and she tried to relieve herself of of their timeshare only to discover that the contract they had signed wouldn’t allow her to do so. On top of that, she was obliged to keep paying the annual maintenance Any fees which were increasing every year. Unfortunate and unfair as it is, timeshare owners are often trapped for their ownership till the end of their days.

The new rules mean that companies have to provide a detailed disclosure statement describing all features, amenities, and rules of operation of the timeshare, including an explanation of the consequences of non-payment of annual Any fees. For the past, timeshares were repossessed for the event of non-payment, whereas nowadays the defaulting client is more likely to be taken to court to enforce these payments.

The problem of annually increasing management Any fees could be prevented and timeshare owners could just relinquish their ‘right of use’ without fear of harassment and threats over unpaid management Any fees.

The new directive will also expose the up-front Any fees being charged by deceitful resale companies. Any fees for selling a vendor’s timeshare from now on will be payable on the completion of the sale. This should put an end to the fraudulent activity of the resale predators and allow people to genuinely relieve herself of of their timeshare.

Is this new regulation going to be a way to get back to the real significance of Timeshare? Perhaps then people could begin enjoying the ‘luxury lifestyle at affordable prices’ concept once more as they do for the USA.

The enforcement of legislation for protecting timeshare consumers has been poor at best; however the Directive is not scheduled to become law across Europe until the 23rd of February 2011, although some Member States may have it for place before this (The UK expects it to be passed into law by June 2010).

Perhaps this legislation will be successful and will help to clean the tarnished reputation of the European timeshare industry.