There is a lot of talk about gastric bypass surgery and this time of year, you see numerous advertisements for weight loss options. And weight loss surgery is just one of the alternatives that many people opt for as a method of losing weight and regaining their health. But is this something you should consider as a weight loss option?

The thing about this surgery is that many people believe that all they have to do is have this surgery and the excess weight will drop off. And this will be the case for the first 6-9 months. Your stomach will hold such a small amount of food that there will be no way that you will not lose weight. But then there are the months that follow the first year and this is where your weight loss will begin to slow down and eventually stop.

There is nothing that says you will not reach your goal weight, but not everyone does without working at it. And this means making sensible food choices and exercising regularly. This surgery is not a miracle. It is a tool and will help you achieve your goals, but not without work on your part. The best way you can ensure your success is change your lifestyle and live like other healthy people.

One of the biggest challenges many gastric bypass patients face is dealing with emotional eating and being addicted to food. This will be something you will have to address or you be one of the many people that gain weight in due time following this surgery. Most people do not become 100 pounds overweight as a result of mindless eating. Food is being used for reasons other than hunger.

The gastric bypass operation can save your life, but it will be what you make of it. You will have to educate yourself on what it takes to be healthy and make the commitment to follow these principles for most of the time.

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