HC shoe net December 22 hearing, Shoes The value of business is to channel the pavement, not only to provide consumers with a one-stop services purchased shoes, but also for the brand stores and offer new business opportunities, and it is most likely made their own chain. This is the sidewalk

Stores Limited and Chairman of Irving wants to see results, as this one-stop shopping for footwear fashion chain manipulator, he repeatedly stressed that to meet the shopping needs of consumers is he doing this the main thing.

To consumers and brands, “epistemic”

Sidewalk pattern to the consumer and the brand new attempt to provide opportunities for: one-stop shop sold the family’s shoes, 2000 dollars Boots And 300 yuan Canvas shoes Counters do neighbors.

Many people would have this experience: a three or a couple to the mall to buy shoes, men may go to a special Sports & Leisure District to buy sports shoes shoes, ladies shoes in special areas will have to buy boots, buy children’s shoes but also to the different regions, even in a shoe area of the mall, price and category are always difficult to co-existence, so in different stores, floors strolled to spend a few hours, became the most consumers have to do.

Reasons for this situation several aspects: First of all, shopping for their own position requirements, will choose to pick some brands to enter, which makes many brands lost the presence of gold shopping opportunities, such average price about 300 footwear brands, it is conceivable that he hardly had the guts to knock on the door of Pacific Health. For some higher-end shopping is concerned, even in the face of this shoe giant, Belle, it is also the priority of the high-end Belle’s brand STACCATO, but other brands might not necessarily have entered.

Second, the brand’s long-term comparisons between the formation of a fixed way of thinking: If my product is about average price of 1,000 yuan in the adjacent shop around and sold in almost the best price products. Therefore, investment in the mall floor, each brand manager always forget to inquire about investment managers: their next-door who else? Who close together to enhance the brand image of the future for stores who can be considered for the next to go.

This can be hard on the Dao Chuguang to stroll to the customers, Owen to do is to bring these high, medium and low concentration of footwear brands together, so that customers can buy a one-time fill of not only buy convenient, but also enjoy the discounts.

“To make a point of time for a change,” Owen said. The purchasing power of urban consumers line has been greatly enhanced consumer footwear brand evaluation reflected more a lifestyle choice, use and matching is the most important factor in deciding whether to buy, prices began to weaken. “A girl in the previous 2,000 yuan shop to buy a pair of boots, most likely in the next shop to buy a pair of canvas shoes, 300 yuan.” For example, he said. But traditional stores and brands that consumers have limited the purchase may be?? Because the price difference between these two great brand stores will be hardly be grouped together.

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