With the venue on both sides of the Huangpu River have moved into trial operation period, the long-awaited 2010 World Expo in Shanghai have been within reach. April 20, is located in Puxi, Shanghai World Expo DE chip area “energy matrix? Chinese private enterprise jointly Hall” show debut at the climax of a grand ceremony marking this as “infinite energy” as the construction and Creative The starting point of the Expo Hall is also the only private enterprise self scheduled to begin trial runs. Museum

private enterprises of a “dynamic matrix”, a symbol of China’s reform and opening up the private economy in 30 years made great achievements. Private enterprises with the Museum of Fosun Group, Meikailong, Dalian Wanda, Minsheng Bank, Suning Appliance and other exhibitors form 16, the first collective appearance Expo Private Enterprises group, known as “China’s private enterprises the first team.”

Private enterprises Hall debut show widespread concern about high tide, is that this venue has been given more value and mission: Chinese private enterprise how to build a green economy, how to take more social responsibility, how to promote industrial development in order to enhance national competitiveness How to build a harmonious society to play a greater role in … … private enterprises museum will inspire the whole of the private economy to upgrade themselves. These will be undertaken by private enterprises around the Expo presents the colorful activities.

At the Expo, the introduction of private enterprises matrix culture of Chinese Tai Chi, just come out of “take the situation, honesty and integrity, cultivation, globalization of the” four enterprise development keywords. The current exhibition Home Circulation is also the only representative Meikailong Expo opportunities and private enterprises with the unique Chinese culture, presented a unique way home. Meikailong the VIPRoom, try the spirit of Chinese culture, ArtDeco, Environmental protection And a natural element, forms a current attitude of Shanghai city life, in order to initiate people to attach importance to China’s Shanghai, is the world’s Shanghai.

To help the World Expo, Meikailong invited well-known designer Qiu Deguang Taiwan, with a unique Eastern culture to a stage decorated with the Expo. He used a totem of modern methods with traditional design, the Print U.S. resistant board to enlarge the totem flowers, Zhuoan on the wall, cellular totems of modern space in the West, it is not hard and ancient culture, and become stylish decoration Patterns. Exhibition hall is divided into Sofa District and Bar Area, the bright red is a traditional Chinese color, red strip along sofas, bar area in the modern tea set, point out the Oriental ideas, and Contemporary Chinese way home.

Face pressing global trend towards low-carbon, low carbon design of the Expo this year has become a big mainstream. Meikailong advocate the use of low carbon design on the wall of vegetation, to convey the idea of environmental protection and natural. Vegetation walls decorated with colorful images reflect the emergence of contemporary Chinese pavilion with the concept of private enterprises, with “Spring Blossoms in full bloom,” the intended image, and bring to life the atmosphere. The Pavilion also use environmentally friendly Building Materials woven carpet, take the lining carbon reduction issues. Designer Qiu Deguang that the nature of plants and flowers, they are civilized people with access to healing energy, so people in the home environment, but also exposure to nature, access to natural design, will be worth studying trends in the art of living In addition, as a leading designer who should be more use of the concept of natural and low carbon design, such as using recyclable and environmentally friendly Furniture Reduce the power consumption of LED lights.

Climax for the show, Private Museum contracted general director Wang Chao songs and Fan Yue explained: “We hope that the climax of the show by show, so that everyone can appreciate the vitality of life, can thus understand the vitality of Chinese private enterprises. The second is to full audience’s eyes so that viewers can see different colors, see the splendid performance, which is something you never had the visual experience, totally out of imagination from the routine. Third, this show is the climax China leading world-class creative technology and the perfect display, we created a unique fantasy world. new ideas, stunning visual, technological trends, this is our peak performance show what you want. “and vitality, color, science and technology are also Meikailong the vip room is the three elements of creativity.

“Living art, art in life” is always Meikailong designed with state of the goal, the Expo theme “Innovation and Integration” is also the driving force behind his design.

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