The key target of business coaching is to assist a business owner set up a typical business plan. It can manage in any section of commerce, from a traditional business system to a immature business and even e-business.
Business coaching is distinct, since it involves direction and teaching through advice and encouragement. It focuses on the individual and can be applied to any model of business.

If you are an executive coach or a business coach, you are required to have a high Internet page ranking, in order to face competition from other coaches. The coaching industry is growing at a fast pace like the Internet traffic and hence it is important to optimize your website. Make your search engine user friendly and provide value to the website visitors, who could be potential clients. Research reveals that more and more people are using the Internet to obtain information about professional services. A report released by Pew Internet and American Life Project revealed that in 2006, between January and June 67% of the adult population of America signed online, 66% being female and 68% male.

As a business coach, you need to realize the importance of simple actions, as they can have a dramatic impact on the traffic to your website. If the potential clients have access to your site, they can make steady progress and in turn, increase the traffic and raise the page ranking. The very first thing you need to do is to define your target market and services. With so many coaches in the booming industry, your strategy and action plans need to be specific. If you do not have a strategic plan then create one now, otherwise your marketing strategy may become counter productive and incapable of achieving the desired results.

The next step is to secure the access to your website. Most coaches make 20,000 dollars or less a month and only 9 out of 100 are actually earning more than 100,000. Most of them do not have access to the required. Hence, your having access to a dedicated website is not only effective, but profitable as well. Once you have secured the website access, load the Google toolbar onto your browser. This will indicate your Google page rank from 0 to 10. Since 60% of all searches are done on Google, you should aim for a high page rank, as your marketing goal and then add yahoo. In case, a company selling search engine optimization or SEO approaches you, make sure that you check their Google page rank. If the search engine optimization expert does not have at least a Google page rank of 4, you need to be careful spending your limited marketing funds on their recommendations.

Before using free sites that provide data on keywords, you should determine the keywords that are represented by the content, within the page on your site. The keywords should be the first word on the title bar of each web page. The title bar is supposed to be the blue strip with the white letters at the very top of the web page. Never begin your title with the name of your company. Inventory Overure search helps determine how many times someone has accessed your company website. Usually, the search result is zero. You should rewrite the copy with the main keywords in the first paragraph or the title within the content on your page. The density of keywords should range between 1-3% every 100 words.

Make sure that you maintain a dynamic search engine friendly site that has been optimized, since this is a proven strategy to increase the sales of your coaching business.