Feedbacks are a crucial part of the communication process of producers with consumers. Any sale made or service rendered is incomplete until the manufacturers obtain feedbacks from their customers. Feedbacks are important in order to know what a customer thinks about any product sold or services rendered to him/her. They can be in the form of appraisals, suggestions, or dissatisfactions. Therefore, when a company gets to know what particularly a customer liked or disliked in their products or services then they can enhance, improve, or change it accordingly. In case of online business, companies can create feedback form in their websites so that all the web users who visit it at any time of the day can leave their comments and compliments on that form. The concept of these forms work in totality and through a complete process of gathering, considering and implementing the feedbacks. The feedback form template present in the website is coded in a scripting language that helps in changing, updating, and extracting information from these forms. After this, all the information gathered is passed on to the concerned departments and individuals, who get involved in the job of carefully studying, understanding and considering the most crucial part of those feedbacks. Once individual considerations are done then the final changes are worked out and decided by the company as a whole. Finally, the developers, content writers, web designers and other such departments enhance or change their concerned parts of the website to facilitate better profits and rankings. The most common scripting language in which feedback forms are scripted is HTML. HTML feedback form facilitates an easier and effective changing and updating process to ensure that the details and inquiries of the form are as per the current requirements. It also helps in passing on the user feedbacks to the concerned departments through e-mails. A common setup of feedback forms should be simple and to the point in order to generate only the most useful information from the users. Such information can include the name, profession, email id of the user along with the things he liked or disliked the most about the site, any suggestions they would like to give or any personal query they have. It is better to keep the form as precise as possible otherwise the customer tends to get irritated and confused. The companies can also use the ID’s thus obtained of users in announcing new products, strategies, or events.

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