The key to success with Immunotec is standing out from the crowd. But that’s easier said than done. So why are most Immunotec reps failing to achieve their dreams, and what changes can they make to revitalize their business?

Immunotec – The Vital Facts

Immunotec is a leading player in the wellness industry and is based in Quebec, Canada. It was founded by Dr. Gustavo Bounous.

Immunotec’s product range includes supplements for weight-loss, vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, probiotics, mental and physical energy, skincare, and dental care. The products are backed up by extensive scientific research and are supported by leading physicians and scientists. The flagship product is called Immunocal, which helps strengthen the immune system.

Immunotec is a network marketing company, which means that the products are only available from Immunotec Distributors. If you want to buy Immunotec products the only way you can do so is by getting touch with a seller directly. For this reason network marketing is also sometimes called direct-selling.

This means that if you are, or want to become, an Immunotec business owner, it is very important that you learn how to market your product and generate frequent quality leads. The health and wellness sector is very overpopulated – there are a huge number of companies competing for customers. You need to find a way of making yourself stand out, so that people find you, trust you and are willing to do business with you.

The Key To Success With Immunotec

Traditionally the best way build up trust with a client base was by word of mouth. In the 50s and 60s when network marketing began the internet didn’t exist and telephones were basic and costly. The only way to spread the word about your business was by meeting people in person, putting up flyers, handing out free samples, and asking your friends and family to help you out.

The world has moved on since then, but unfortunately network marketing hasn’t. People still think that the best way to grow their Immunotech business is by using these old techniques of word of mouth. They couldn’t be more wrong.

While you may waste hours driving across state to give a presentation to 10 people in a basement somewhere, you could instantly reach thousands of people online at the click of a button. Facebook alone has over 500 million members, if even the tiniest fraction of these people responded to your marketing then you would be rich beyond your wildest dreams.

You can also get people’s interest by blogging regularly, contributing to forums, issuing press releases, updating your Facebook or Twitter account, writing articles, ranking highly on Google and the other major search engines, placing free or paid adverts online, or posting videos on YouTube. It takes a fraction of the time and involves a fraction of the cost, but will explode the number of leads you get. In other words, you are doing less but gaining more. Lots more!

On top of this, these marketing techniques will continue to work around the clock. While you are in bed somebody on the other side of the world will just be waking up and logging onto the internet. Even 6 months after posting a blog it will still be active online for people to see and read. It is the advertising that just keeps giving! You could be generating hundreds of leads as you sleep, as you play with the kids, even when you are on vacation. You will have the ultimate freedom, and be making a fortune while you do it.

To learn how you can use the internet for fast, easy, and cost-effective success with Immunotech, see the Immunotec Success Report.

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