Are you struggling in a career or dead-end job to find joy or excitement? Have you ever wanted to be more creative with your life? Do you feel like you are not fully reaching your potential in your current workplace? These questions apply to anyone in any field because at times we all feel like we are in a rut. If you feel this way and would like to see a change in your life, follow these steps to figure out how to find the passion in your life and how to build an income out of it.

Ask Yourself Some Questions
When was the last time you felt real joy about what you were doing? It may take thinking back over many years and analyzing what you were doing. What was it? What brought you a sense of fulfillment? Who was involved? What made it so special?

Write Down What you Love Doing
If you love learning about beauty, write down everything about it that makes you happy. Be specific so that you can hone in on what part of it would suit your needs. Do you like to teach others how to better take care of their skin? Do you like shopping for new and trendy products? Do you like applying the make-up and transforming a face? The way you answer these type of questions will determine which direction you go to turn your passion into a residual income business opportunity.

Make a Plan
Although this is still the planning stage, it may be getting harder to actually visualize this big change in your life. Is it fear that is holding you back? Is it wanting security that makes you trigger shy? The answers to these questions are important, but at this stage of the game you don’t want to be restricted by them. Hold off on facing your fears and simply dream. If you could make it perfect, how would it be? Plan it out step by step and think of every detail.

Initiate the Plan
Now comes the hard part. You need to actually put your plan in action. With some plans, this doesn’t mean you have to leave the stability of your full-time job quite yet. You can build up your plan on the side and depending on how it goes, you can eventually go full-time with it.

Making a big change is not easy for most people. But if you find yourself missing out on the spark that others have already found by living their passion, it’s time to examine how you can also find that spark.

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