“Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit” according to Napoleon Hill.

Our failures are indeed the most fertile seeds of our future success. If we plant them. To understand this, we have to understand why things go wrong. We have to learn the lesson from the bad experience.

Everything happens for a reason. Unfortunately, when adversity hits, we’re usually so busy feeling sorry for ourselves or trying to recover that we don’t stop to think about the reason behind the event. So we never learn the lesson. We never get the opportunity to plant the seed.

We also get so busy in life, so caught up in meeting the demands of today, that we often miss the “seeds” that are dropped in our path. This is especially true when times are tough.

I’ve been having some significant struggles lately, related to my businesses. I’ve tried to practice what I preach and remain positive and focused. But, as the great Jim Rohn says, “Do what I say, not what I do.” It’s hard at times for even the most seasoned personal growth teacher to handle situations the way she knows she should.

In the midst of my struggles I took my kids to a nature conservatory. They were having a great time running around and exploring. There was a big window you could sit by and watch the birds in the trees. I noticed a lady sitting there holding her young daughter. The little girl was beautiful. She was confined to a wheelchair that was accompanied by more medical gadgets than I could comprehend. She wasn’t verbal, but had the most engaging smile.

That scene had a huge impact on the outlook I had on my current adversity from that moment on. It made me refocus on the fact that business is just business, and whatever decisions I make and directions I go in aren’t as life-consuming as I was making them out to be.

My kids are super healthy and able to run around and appreciate every simple thing in life. They aren’t restricted to the “handicapped trails” that this little girl was limited to. And no matter what happens in business, no matter where we are, what we do, and what we have, my kids and I have each other. And, really, that’s all we need.

I’ll never know the pain and heartache of this mom who deals daily with the fact that her child can’t “have it all.” (Although I’m sure that she is grateful for every special joy and moment she shares with her child.) She has real adversity, I thought to myself. My problems are nothing more than a minor distraction in comparison.

Watching this child was like a 4:00 a.m. alarm clock jolting me back into reality. The seed I planted was a greater appreciation for the health of my kids. The seed I planted was the recognition that “this too shall pass,” and I’ll probably come out better for having weathered the storm. The seed I planted was the ability to more effectively deal with my problem, having shed the stress and anxiety that accompanied my original assessment of how dire my situation was.

Things happen when you need them to happen. But you have to be aware enough to realize they’re happening and to plant the seeds for your future benefit. I was recently introduced to a person who I think will be a big help to me. And it was important for me to recognize that maybe meeting her at this time in my life wasn’t a random event. I had to realize that maybe she came into my life now because she had something that could help me now. And I had to plant that seed to reap the benefit of that relationship.

Become ultra-aware when you are facing adversity. When your new landing page isn’t converting, not even your mom will sign up in your latest network marketing company, or your product launch nets one order. Take heart. Look around you and find the lesson in your failure, or struggle, or whatever is stressing you out. There are seeds there. Seed that, if planted, will be valuable lessons to getting it right next time, or to putting in perspective just how bad it really isn’t.

Jennifer Herndon works at home with her kids. She has enjoyed the benefits of home business ownership for over 11 years. Jennifer’s passion is empowering you to achieve success through positive mindset and consistent action. Read more today at Jennifer’s Work at Home Millionaire Journey blog. Discover the Seven Simple Success Steps for free in Jennifer’s new mini-course.