If you are desperate to learn about how to stop the underarm sweating, then you are in the right path because this article will suggests 3 natural solutions to cure armpit sweating. These are probably the final solutions for how to stop underarm sweating if your problem is not critical enough. You have to take action after reading if you really want to stop armpit sweating.
Believe it or not, the food you eat contributes to a lot of the medical problems within your body. The first suggestion solution for how to stop underarm sweating is to avoid spicy foods, garlic, onions, coffee and nicotineon your daily diet. All these foods raise your body temperature and will contribute to your excessive armpit sweating.
Apple Vinegar Remedyis the second suggestion solution for how to stop underarm sweating. You should apply apple vinegar to your underarm at night. Let the apple vinegar dries naturally. It will saturate your underarm’s sweat apertures and neutralizing odor caused by bacteria. This can lead to dryness then stop sweaty armpits.
In the morning, you can use soap and water to wash your armpits. Your armpits will absorb the acid in the vinegar and this can protects you from sweating.
Baking Soda Treatmentis the third suggestion solution for how to stop underarm sweating. You have to mix a generous amount of baking soda with some water until you have the thick paste. Then paste the baking soda onto your armpits. Make sure that your armpits are clean shaven for the best result. Let this condition protracted till 25 minutes. After that, wash off with water.
Your armpit’s sweat is an acid while the baking soda is an alkaline. After mixing, the gas created and the sweat is evaporated instantly. It leads your sweat to dry up fast then cure armpit sweating.
If you have been trying all these solutions but still not are able to stop armpit sweating, then your underarm sweating problem is very critical and almost the same as what I suffered in the past. Do not worry because there is another natural solution for how to stop underarm sweating which I was introduced to almost a period ago. You can stop sweaty armpits after applying this natural method.

My name is Joe Flizo. I struggled with this problem for several years. I personally beat my underarm sweating with a natural method. My message is so simple: “If I can beat my excessive underarm sweating and so you can!“.