There are so many ways to promote your high ticket coaching programs in the online arena. There is PPC advertising, banner ads, search engine marketing, paid links, etc. But if you want to use something that will not burn your pockets and will still deliver your desired results, I highly recommend content based marketing solutions. These are very effective especially now that good content or great information is considered the most important and hottest commodity in the online arena.

Here is how you can promote your high ticket coaching programs using content based marketing solutions:

1.Article marketing. I personally suggest that you start by writing articles on topics that are related to your coaching programs. To get the kind of results you want, ensure that all your articles are short but very informative. The key here is to make sure that your copies will speak volumes about your expertise in your field and your ability to help your prospects to realize their goals. It will also help if you make your articles scannable and easy to understand so you will be able to easily get through to your prospects. Distribute these on directories. Do not forget to create compelling resource box which will act as the gateway to your website. As much as possible, you would want all your readers to click through this box.

2.Blogging. Even if you already have a corporate website, I still recommend that you build your own blog. If your business website sounds too formal, you can make your blog sound a bit laid back. What you can do is discuss the latest issues in your chosen niche. This is not only to keep your prospects posted on the things that they are dying to know about but also to showcase your expertise. Do not forget to create outbound links on your blog posts that will take your visitors to your main website. Also, I recommend that you use your blog to build an ongoing communication with those people who are most likely to buy from you. This is very important as this is usually the key to convert them to buying customers.

3.Newsletters. Do not forget to use squeeze pages on your website and blog to get your prospects to subscribe to your email marketing list. This is crucial in your internet marketing campaign as you need to make follow ups on a regular basis. After that, ensure that you send your prospects with informative newsletters on a weekly basis. Same as with your article marketing campaign, your goal here is to showcase your expertise in your niche. It would help if you strive to offer information that your prospects will find useful. As much as possible, offer answers to their burning question, help them realize their goals, or share a slice of your expertise to help them increase their knowledge on things that they find really, really interesting. Then, pitch in your coaching programs in the end and communicate their benefits and selling points.

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