Gas grill grates and burners are made from various materials. If you are investing on expensive models, you can get those grills with high-end stainless steel materials. However, not all gas grills are made from high-grade stainless steel materials. You can find other materials such as porcelain enamel and cast iron.

Iron materials are quite prone to rusting. In fact, it is quite impossible to keep moisture and oxygen away from them. The rusting process speeds up when they are exposed to moisture and oxygen. If you are living in a humid place, cast iron grills will surely rust easily.

But you can slow down the deterioration of your grill. I suggest using the following tips:

1. Get a good grill cover.

You can find reliable grill covers that can ward off moisture and other external elements. Place the cover over the grill. Use this grill accessory if you have installed your grill outside your house.

2. Store your grill in an area with a low humidity level.

If the air is humid, moisture tends to form. This encourages the formation of rust. You can disassemble your grill and store it in an area with a lower humidity level. If your grill is too bulky and big to be stored in the kitchen all the time, you can just remove the cast iron parts. For example, if the grates are made from cast iron, you can remove or detach the grates from the grill. Store this part in a desirable area. You can do the same to the other parts made from iron.

3. Use a dehumidifier.

Many people use a dehumidifier to prevent the appearance of molds and mildew. You can use the same gadget to prevent rusting. Install a dehumidifier in your home if you want.

4. Use a product that can prevent rusting

You can find store-bought products that can prevent rusting. If you see the first signs of rusting, spray the area with this product to slow down the deterioration process. There are also products that can remove rusty areas that are already visible.

Purchase rust cleaners. Scrub the rusty parts with sandpaper. After doing this method, immediately spray the rust cleaner. Choose organic cleaners as they are better for your grill.

You would want to prolong the life of your grill. Instead of waiting for the grates to turn rusty, act on it immediately. Moreover it is not sanitary to use a rusty grill.

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