Telemarketing is not an easy job. It involves contacting people that are likely engaged in activities that don’t involve looking forward to receiving phone calls from complete strangers. Not only that but the complete stranger in question, you, is trying to complete a sale without making the prospect angry. There are a few things you can do that will help you perform telemarketing without annoying people.

In a perfect world, the conversation you have with the prospective customer would follow the script you have in front of you exactly. This is of course not the case, and you will certainly encounter resistance to the product offered. When the customer balks at your offer, do not counter by asking why. That one word is guaranteed to put the prospect on the defensive because they will feel as if they are experiencing a personal attack. By questioning their decision, you come off as though you feel superior to them and that their concerns are silly. Once the customer you call feels insulted, the rest of the call is likely pointless.

Another nasty telemarketing habit that will annoy people is to become excited. Even positive excitement about the product you are selling makes you sound like a game show announcer, or worse, phony. Negative excitement makes you come off as desperate. This consciously or subconsciously suggests to the prospective customer that you probably don’t sell much of your product, so it must not be of a quality that leads to high sales. And regardless of whatever message an excited voice sends, it can be grating on the nerves of the person on the other end. You are supposed to be a professional salesman, not an adolescent begging for a birthday present.

It is of course important to have a script that focuses your train of thought and conversation, but it is incredibly important to take a breath and actually listen to what the customer has to say. If you force the dialogue and talk all over them, especially if they are attempting to ask a question, they will instantly turn off. If you take a step back and allow the prospect to express concerns or ask for additional information, you make them feel important- and they are. Also, by allowing them to talk, they just might reveal needs or personal information that will better enable you to position the product.

In order to avoid annoying people while telemarketing, relax and use a soothing tone of voice. Keep an even keel and let the other person talk. If you don’t annoy them, you might just finalize a sale.

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